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gift cards strengthen clients’ loyalty

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Loyalty programs are an important part of the customer experience and can be enhanced with the addition of membership gift cards. Metal Cards has experience producing a range of metal gift cards and loyalty cards for a variety of global brands. We can help you create distinctive metal gift cards to complement your existing loyalty card program.

Ninety percent of gift cards are used within the first 60 days. In the U.S. ninety three percent of consumers purchase or receive a gift card annually and spend an average of $213 per year on gift cards (source).

Today, giving the perfect present is easy! Our membership cards are available in stainless steel, brass, or copper and a wide variety of finishes. With your gift cards redeemable online, in store or by phone, they are should help drive sales. Your loyalty programs keeps you in touch with your customers and keeps them coming back for repeat business. Reward them with truly distinctive membership gift cards or loyalty cards from  Metal Cards. For more information, please contact us or visit our website for more details of the metal cards available.

Whether you are managing a discount or bonus program, loyalty, reward or a mileage program,  Metal Cards metal gift cards can be produced in any metal and card finish. Give your business the gift of new sales and new customers with a metal gift card program. Gift cards continue to helped retailers acquire new customers, increase the frequency of customer visits and help improve and grow your sales.

Our design team can also assist you to create your unique metal gift cards, membership cards, invitation cards or loyalty reward cards. We do not charge for this service. Whatever your requirements we are here to help you create unforgettable metal cards. Metal Cards offers one of the fastest production times available anywhere. Card orders typically take 7-9 working days to produce and 2 days to ship by express courier.

To customize membership cards we offer a range of options to make each card traceable. Typically, we either laser etch or print a unique member number on each gift card. We also can include a magnetic strip, barcode or qr code. A signature strip adds a personal touch to the card as well. For VIP cards we can also embed a smart chip onto the card. For more details how to personalize your gift card please click here.

As customers view gift cards as ‘free money’ they have a tendency to spend more than the amount of the card. On average the recipient will spend 20% or more than their gift card value!

Gift cards make the ideal enticement. Whether it’s a meal offer or additional dessert at a restaurant or diner, discounts at retailers or online or a free cinema seat ticket, they can be used for just about any opportunity.

Probably the most well-known membership cards are the limited metal Starbucks card. This card had a value of US$ 450 yet sold out immediately. This card’s success was partly due to its limited release of 1,000 cards. We can help you create an amazing metal loyalty or gift card to match your brand and enhance your customer relationship.

Membership / PVC / Plastic Card

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products descrpitionProduct DescriptionMembership/PVC/Plastic Card
1. Material: PVC, ABS, PS 2. glorious printing 3. top quality and competitive worth 4. manufactory manufacturing 5. ISO9001: 2000
Products elaborate Introduction
1, merchandise type: PVC/PEC/ABS/ notation. Plastic card 2. Material: PVC/ABS/PET/PS, Brass and 18K 24K real gold and silver plated 3. Meas: CR80 three.5 x2.24 87.5x56mm with bleed Abnormity obtainable. 4. Thickness: ISO customary zero.76mm 0.03 30Mil: zero.2MM/0.25/0.3/0.38/0.5 additionally obtainable. 5. Artwork: A> printing method: Offset, Silkscreen, Silver or Gold glinting impact. ultraviolet illumination Printing, Number. Printing choices, Thermal Transfer variety, Ink Jet variety, optical device variety, Embossing variety Material Option; B> Surface Option: shiny, Matte, frosting. mag tape. Stripe choices bats 300Oe, 350Oe Hico 650Oe. 2750Oe 4000Oe alternative obtainable OptionsChip coding, Barcode Printing Panel, Hole Punching. EmbossingThemal Transfer Overlay. Peel off Protection film. 6. Applications: Club visiting advertising lottery. memento policy, super market, treatment, bank, parking, school, etc. 7. Trade terms: FOB /CNF/CIF 8. Delivery way: By ocean or air 9. Package details: White box: 6*9 3*22.5 CM two hundred PIC/BOX Outer carton: 13*23.5*50 CM 10 BOX/CTNS 10. time interval 100W items 14days 11. Sample Availability: Free samples ar obtainable upon request. 12. Stock Availability: giant quantities of the popular merchandise ar usually obtainable available and may be shipped directly 13. Certificate: ISO 9001-2000 SGS ICCR ISO 14443A

Make membership card at home

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These days Plastic Cards are kindly for business, membership, ID, loyalty card, gift card ,discount card and more plastic cards. If you think that having professionally printed membership cards of this kind can be a costly plan, making your own plastic  membership cards can be done with an easy graphics program, A full color card printer and the sheets of  PVC essential for printing,you can reference how to make business card using microsoft word 2010.

You need Required things:

1. Plastic sheet or PVC

2. Printer

3. Photoshop CS

4. A Knife or Scissors

5. A Ruler

Following are the below steps of making plastic membership card for a variety of business or personal uses that are attractive, colorful and high-class.

1. Buy Plastic Sheets in retail shop:

Obtain plastic sheets that are designed to fit into your printer.

2. Design:

Design your card using photoshop cs. PS is easy to use. A typical business card is 3 1/2-by-2 inches. If you don’t understand you can go to to see how to design membership card .Make a raster layer that is the desired dimensions with the uppermost quality resolution. If this will be a business card, take account of company logo and company contact information. Decide the colors and fonts preferred for the background and text. Combine any layers and save your creation as any ling of image file on hard drive of your computer.

3. Print:

Print a test on plain white paper. If it is satisfactory, print the membership cards onto the plastic sheets using color printer.

4. Cut the sheets:

When you finish print,next work is Cut the plastic sheets into single cards with a sharp cutter or a knife and ruler.

Finally you have plastic membership card . if you don’t want to make it by yourself you may get high quality and Cheap price membership Cards from PlasticCardsOnline™, the biggest Plastic Cards Printing factory around the globe.

I am Dward from HongKong,I am working for which is no.1 plastic card design and print company of world and supplying  best quality and Cheap Plastic  Cards  globally.


How to Make Your Membership Cards

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Shop members will ofen carry they membership cards that gives them access your shop functions and activities. Membership card is the signifies of person, Membership cards are similar to a plastic  business card. You can make your own membership cards using Microsoft Publisher 2007. You just add some personal information on it such as pictures or graphics, if you like.Let me tell you how to make membership card by computer.


Download and install Microsoft Publisher Design Wizard tool. Choose “New” from the options under “File” on the top menu bar.


Click on “Business Cards” to choose the available templates in list. Using a business card template is a good way to make membership cards. You will be able to print your cards using business card paper.


Select one basic overall design you like. Choose a style what you like that fits your shop or one that you can alter to accomplish this. Click the “Start Wizard” button.


Notice the card appears on the right side and the wizard on the left. Each time you make changes, it shows on the card. Go through the process selecting options for your shop membership card.


Choose the colors for the card you like. Pick “Landscape” for the orientation. Check “Yes” when asked to add “Logo”.


Insert the details of you shop when requested to add business information. This will automatically be known, if you have ever put these details in Publisher. If not, add these details now. Click “Finish” to complete the wizard.


Alter the membership card design to fit your specific shop. Using mouse move any sections of the card around. Highlight and change or delete any parts of the card.


Modify the card’s color, font, style and size of the text. Match these with any previous type you have used on other shop materials. Use the Text Frame Tool to select placement of new text.


Put in your shop photo or map if needed. Use your shop logo or some other graphic that represents it. Click on the location you want to place it.


Add the graphic using the “Insert” and then “Picture” option on the menu bar. Choose the type of picture, find it on your computer and click “Insert” to place it.


Check the cards regular or not .

Fannly use specially designed business card paper or card stock to print your cards. If you don’t have this paper,you can contact us ,we are a professional membership card print company.we offer all kinds of card for your choices.

Beauty salon using the benefits of membership cards

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Membership card is a beauty salon and cosmetics storemarketing. Membership cards can be accumulated by more customers, give more of the old customers. Beauty salons in the general set of cards, there are many: Diamond, Gold, Silver,membership card, annual card, free beauty cards.

Membership Card design principles:

Membership card settings are not purely representative of how much money there, but reflects its value. Women do realize theirbeauty is a positive state of mind. Nice name to use to arousecustomers have meaning noble and beautiful. At the same time itis a symbol, reflecting the beauty salon and beauticians advancedservices. A status symbol.
Level should not be too much
The level of membership card can not be too much, the minimum can not be less than three, the maximum can not behigher than six. Presentation should be targeted to the customer, which must maintain the appropriate price range. Central parityprice of membership cards to major customers should be the pricemost can afford introduced, so as to ensure retention of keycustomers. Consistent with the spending power of the mass of customers, or members to develop a higher price can easily lead to loss of customers.

For a member of the customer, the card, the higher the amount,the greater the gift, the lower the discount. Price of body care,hand care, aromatherapy items of interest to our customers, spaitems, body underwear, equipment care, can be presented of the projects. For different customers, to give different types ofmembership card.
But some beauty salons and beauty salons despite the scale oftheir own local circumstances, copy someone else’s design andpromotion, the membership card has become a vulgar ad, butignored her behind the quality and high profit, high investmentreality.

Membership card means that the value of the services of beauty salons, beauty salon membership card for is to provide customers with a value of psychological and physical feelings. Without goodservice, membership cards will lose its original meaning.

Membership card in retail store applications

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Membership card is a way through a special incentive to improve the customer shopping frequency and amount of each purchase to increase customer sales model.Plastic card in Retail enterprises first appeared when the membership card. All the major card-issuing retailers focus on expanding the number of promotions that a large number of development through a variety of card holders to retain customers, expand market share. In order to increase market share for the purpose of competition, control of both the card-issuing retailers a lot of client resources to apply for membership card from the cardholder’s personal basic information collected to start the customer information database can be established. In addition to the customer when applying for membership cards of individuals collected basic information such as name, ID number,  age, occupation, address and other information, through computer and network technology. In the system can also obtain more information such as every cardholders of transaction records, spending habits, maintenance records, complaint records and all other relevant information. These data rely on traditional manual collection of information is fundamental information processing can not be solved requires the help of modern information technology to store the body 05 through the system, the supermarket’s cash registers and other consumer time to collect customer data.

Membership Card Function
Retailers looking for a few years ago the low-cost service platform to the sub-groups of customers. And then to the current “members competition.” A little membership card. In the end to how much energy? Membership card with the common several functions:
Customer retention: Some retail companies in order to feedback and always retain a number of surrounding communities, customers do not set any threshold of membership only need to fill out a form to the customer can receive a membership card, such as “family membership card ten cheap” category membership card. accumulated according to the consumer the amount the customer can enjoy the preferential treatment of different levels, such as drug stores or discount for members enjoy special member price. and the bonus points accumulated, such as supermarkets.
To earn the “reputation”: Some retail chain enterprises, especially large crowd for a special group for the “no name nor for the village,” the discount card, such as “minimal needs card” love card “and for the low- the various income groups membership card. are complimentary to these special customers.
Value-added services: the majority of retail enterprises have adopted competitive membership. “Hair card, playing a little off,” the Member Services can not meet the needs of consumers. Some retailers for in-depth development of its members to receive benefits and value-added services to members such as Guangzhou Nepstar pharmacies to the first Friday of each month at members as a member to play in this eight-day purchase of medicines discount for an offer and by the cumulative scores of credit, plus discount, members also enjoy the Sea King has been sent to the health manuals and “Fashion Care” guide.
Segment customer groups, “stuck” Customer: breakdown of the membership card customer groups main purpose is to refine the service to service a step further, such as pharmacies longevity cards”for the elderly. “

Membership cards and VIP cards Applications

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Refers to common identification card, including shopping malls, hotels, fitness center, restaurant and other consumer sites membership certification. Membership card in a timely manner the company produced a large number of other card products.

Membership cards, Full color VIP cards can increase customer willingness to buy, build customer loyalty.
Membership card includes many forms, from the level on points, with a membership card (red card), membership card (green card), membership card (blue card), a common membership cards, discount cards, VIP cards, membership cards areregistered, Member Cards. Their use is very extensive, involvingthe need for identification as long as the place to be used inidentification cards, membership cards. For example, schools, clubs, companies, institutions, organizations and so on. fabrication

Introduction membership card application system.
Membership services is now a popular service management model, which can improve customer retention rates and improve the enterprise customer loyalty. Many service industries have taken such a service model, it can be seen in all sectors of the figure of membership, membership in the form of most of them also showed membership card.

Membership card system in general by the membership cards, membership cards, reading and writing equipment, membership card management software composition. Card type generally Photo Id cardsmetal cards, Smart card,Magnetic stripe card,RF card several.

Membership card reader device that corresponds to a magnetic card reader, IC card reader, radio frequency card reader several.The management software will have different according to eachcompany to prepare for their own business management system.Different business enterprises according to their own situation should be to choose a different card management, common Plastic Cards is the easiest way to a management, no other equipment on it. Other cards are generally in the following ways:

Making membership card -> a membership card -> customers to use-> Administrative, Billing -> statistics and output reports

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What’s the power of membership cards in business

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Currently, the membership of the promotion model is widely used, large department stores, hypermarkets small boutiques, tea shops, and has been gradually accepted by the majority of consumers. But the membership card is really attractive to consumers? What’s the power of Membership card in  promotions?

Think about the following questions:
(1) Select a store to brief its membership.
(2) cited membership card promotions possible problems
(3) membership card promotions in the end have no effect? Why?
(4) how to play a greater role membership card?

1, Membership cards flooded. Almost all stores now issue their own membership card, open the wallets of consumers, you will easily see the different sizes, different forms of the major business of the membership card, from department stores, specialty store to the supermarket various retail formats, from clothing, footwear, household appliances to cosmetics and other goods, membership cards everywhere. The investigation has shown, however, only 30% of consumers agree on the membership card expressed. Obviously, we all gradually evolved into the relative issuing “no card”, membership cards have been flooded to the point, the true meaning behind the membership card to be buried out.
Low levels of membership card sales operations. The implementation of the current retail sales of most of the membership card to stay at a low level operation of the state, the lack of a complete set of marketing programs, ignoring the extended out from the membership-based business-oriented features and differentiation of marketing orientation, can not satisfy target customers needs. One is too low performance of the role of superstition. Despite the introduction of cheap sales of the current membership system retailers winning magic, but in the case of a limited number of members, retailers, suppliers of products to set the price too low, breaking the existing price system suppliers to retailers, suppliers face the risk of losing, it is difficult going. The second is the marketing performance of the lack of features. Retail services provided on the majority of members remain in the discount points, and participate in promotional activities, projects, marketing the single, the lack of features, which remain in the price level and the practice of short-term interest easily imitated by competitors, not only will lead to vicious competition within the peer, the important thing is the ultimate still lost the trust of customers.

2, The membership card promotions can establish a stable customer resources and long-term relationships with customers, the membership model is the business customer management to maintain long-term trading relationship with customers and develop a more successful relationship marketing model. In USA, most consumer purchasing power is not very strong, mainly to consumers to buy goods cheap, In other words,Membership cards is like discount cards, you can pull the customer, and this is certainly, through the points for rewards, sometimes the consumer to purchase something in exchange for points is also not uncommon phenomenon. Now a lot of ways that are membership-based marketing. As integration increases, the more discount incentives, consumers are more willing to give up your products, choose other products, and start from zero points.

3, To firmly establish the member as the center of the retail concept.Retail organizations in the retail concept is the guiding ideology of the retail operations, which represents the starting point of retail activities, retail activities to achieve the purpose of program. Retail stores to appeal to its members, they must establish the member as the center of the retail concept. The membership card can circle around the hearts of consumers, the key is to see whether consumer spending from the membership card in the real benefit.Survey data show that consumers expect stores There are three: First, access to the satisfaction of the goods; the second is to get good service; Thirdly, it is a comfortable shopping environment.Consumption specific to the membership card, the content is down to these prices, time, service, etc., only the maximum retailers to meet customer needs, the most thoughtful service to consumers, provide the most comfortable shopping environment for consumersthe real from the price, time and services and other aspects of income, membership card sales have foundation and vitality. If Suning by various special membership cards to buy goods is the price for consumers to benefit content; the States United States the development of membership, the introduction of extended opening hours and home services, for the consumer time and services to benefit content. Only to meet the real needs of members for the purpose, continue to innovate and go beyond, to the members closely unite around the retailer.

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What is plastic membership card?

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Entrepreneurship is no big deal, but to success is very painful and difficult task. Care, health and employment, many of the most important is that business is booming. People fight for their business marketing and advertising so many opportunities. People to choose affordable and professional marketing opportunities. Both the discount cards, membership cards, promotional cards, plastic cards are sold in those days the better choice. The size and shape of the plastic card or a paper card the same contour.

A small part or a group or a member of the company, shall give a person a sense of belonging. It does not matter which group of people on the inside, because, as a generally accepted sense, is priceless and valuable. Plastic membership card can be a great help to promote your business. Now, you will want to know how to help promote their business card. Do not be confused. We will tell you this plastic membership card in all the details.

The organization to promote their membership card to use plastic most of the business, providing discounts to customers who join their organization. For example, they each and every customer as if to join their organization, they give them their next purchase of 20, a fraction of the benefits or the number of points at this point to increase their membership cards, offers or will offer a specific some of the discount points or scores.

These days it is a trend, or a plastic membership card in the manner provided. There are signs that membership card printing services to several companies. When the plastic card that contains your organization ship, its corporate logo, membership, membership card, ID card number and name of the type of possession. The plastic card printing companies, because in their fashion business to promote the plastic membership card. Many organizations offer low-cost plastic card, also made good money.

Membership offers many advantages. Members help to improve the overall revenue and brand awareness. Plastic membership card to improve product purchase and general sales. This also helps to keep customers and clients the number of sales. Plastic membership cards, organizations can lead to a better quality of business and increase your capacity.

Membership Cards: Increase both your sales and customer traffic

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If you really want to attract a large number of customers in your store or business, you can get help with membership cards. These cards allow you to great benefits for your customers and improve your customer list, if applicable. Then, if you really want to be a successful business man, keep in mind that customers are always fond of the experience of attention. So, you’ve invited to loyalty cards, and provide them necessary for the economical budget. Typically, specialty shops buyers club and join these clubs just need a plastic card of membership, through which you can easily take advantage of discounts and promotions. In this article we would like you to learn more about profitable membership card for all types of businesses.

Membership cards are the ideal marketing device because it catches customers’ attention quickly and make them the strength to purchase more products at the expense of rebates and sales. As one person shop, if you offer loyalty cards or membership cards to your customers value, then you are really doing a very lucrative. Then, if you issue cards to their customers as it wants, it is practically increase your traffic in both directions, customers and sales. The main objective of issuing these cards to make your customer feel special and lucky. In addition, these cards comes with a beautiful and excellent quality of the straps, which makes the card a more convenient and comfortable. They are available in various styles, fabrics, colors and quality, so you can choose the best laces for identity cards. In addition, to make your store a safe and secure, you must use the ID system of high technology.

In addition, you can now print all types of plastic cards with the ease of your desktop and various compatible printers available. Through the use of ID card printers can easily print out membership cards and loyalty cards, according to their needs and desires. Thus, membership cards are the perfect way to improve business and increased customer traffic in your store. In addition, as the client has an excellent discounts and benefits with the support cards.

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