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plastic card Archives - Plastic card

plastic card Archives - Plastic card

Plastic Card

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Plastic Card is the fastest growing printing and promotional products industry to the U.S.. When we talk about the first thing to come to our conversation is the soul of plastic credit cards, but many other cards on the market. Many people in the United States, such as credit cards, smart cards, plastic gift cards, membership card and plastic cards plastic business card printing all types of businesses many addictions. These cards are in today’s world of high importance. The main reason is the use of plastic cards printed, you can collect information about your potential customer information, so you can target your products or services to specific customer groups.

Various plastic cards

What is used to promote all kinds of plastic cards are as follows:

Membership card which is to provide sustained and loyal customers in a particular discount shopping site. This card is the benefit of any business is to retain the long-term goal is to help clients achieve sales assistance.

Smart cards are the cards the more fashionable these days. If you want to do in a restaurant or hotel of any payment, malls, etc., you can use. It provides security, convenience and reliability.

Gift cards, gift cards have become a boom, especially in the holiday season. Through the use of gift cards, users can obtain information on the quantity of goods and services is also reduced considerably.

Some cards plastic membership card is the same, that they are provided to persons who are members of a particular organization. This member of the group have specific rights and privileges.

Plastic cards for your company to provide a platform of influence, will provide information and links on the left of your customers impressed. plastic card company can customize your business card that meets your requirements and design.

All these maps, a large impact on today’s society has proved its worth. Behind the main reason for the introduction of these cards is to develop a win-win business with customers.

The use of plastic card printer system

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Today, many card printing solutions, quality manufacturers have photo identification system. If you need to print a printed card and various types of photo identification are many systems to choose from.

The organization you want to get a plastic card printing systems, there are several reasons. For various reasons every day, plastic card printing. In fact, print the cards for each printing system via a leading manufacturer of more than 300 million people. Evolis, Zebra, Fargo and if the data card has a high quality printer is world famous.

Driver’s license is required of secular card. Private organizations and state government identity card driver’s license global flat. Specifically, this high capacity, has been designed to meet the high security card printer type.

Employee recognition has become common in many companies and organizations. Certain employees, contractors, visitors, custom ID cards, access control, payroll and other functions of other processes can be provided. Custom ID cards and key information can be integrated with print, offers safety and reporting requirements of the organization.

Membership card, many sports teams are known as health clubs and other groups. To set up your business cards, membership may be the perfect choice. Card printing at home, you can add safety and value of membership card for you. Photo options, updating may be part of your personal information and maps. The integrated bar code, may be used to record information and credit card data security, offers a quick analysis of the benefits of the card.

The card can be printed required field. Debit cards, credit cards, ATM cards, you can print, you can use.

Retailers benefit of membership card, and found it may be worthwhile. They are awarded for repeat business customers to enable companies to monitor the customer’s retail sales of the model.

It has been widely recognized by the government. Department, a staff ID card is required for simple or complex. The citizen card, medical benefits and group retirement benefits are available might receive.

Varied student ID card. In some schools, the students ensure that students use the ID card the card holder. By encoding various campus maps and other students, such as class libraries to access the card, debit card, access to dormitories, medical information can be accessed through the class registration information.

Students and teachers, in many cases identification, high school and college, I even had to use an elementary school. Students and the destination can be easily identified, is identified by the teacher. In many cases, ID settings, please wear a string of beads, such as professors and staff to easily confirmed.

Another type of card is a smart card. This card is used in a variety of business purposes, you can use it offers a very versatile and secure. Smart cards, transfer, access, can be used for other functions, and.

It is important to play your ID is what you need to know the cards. Good results using the mind to find the perfect solution for printers market.

Smart Card File System

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Some of the smart card file system tree as the DOS file system. ISO7816.4 provided by the smart card file is divided into: DF (Dedicated File) and EF (Elementary File). DF contains some control information, it can be EF or DF of the parent. This is some like the DOS files in the directory. EF is a unit of data collection, it can not be any files in the parent document. This is some like the DOS in the TXT file.

As smart cards using different security mechanisms, such security mechanism in the following two aspects: one for the microprocessor card than for read-only memory card is more complicated.
Read the information from the card to control aspects:
Limit the scope of smart card users
Some of the smart card, anyone can read the card information, names and blood type as the records of the patients medical cards, smart cards generally do not set this password, as long as anyone can get the card to read the card information. At this time the card body itself is a form of protection.
Cardholders can only read information for the smart card usually called PIN (personal identification number) to protect the password in the form of information on the card, usually by a 4-8 PIN numbers, card reader through the keyboard input, it allows the cardholder enter the password three times, and if none of the three lose, the card will be locked, only the PIN code on, the user can operate the card. At present there are also some more advanced form of the password being developed.
Can only read information for third-party smart card can be read only on the card issuer information. (For example, issuers can be rewritten only information on the e-wallet). At this time the smart card from the 16-32 digit password to protect.
Limited information on the smart card reader the way (read-only, you can add, modify or erase). Stored on the smart card information is generally divided into several parts:
Read-only information
The information can be added only
Updated information only
The information can not be read
This information can be stored in some of the password can not read the storage area.
The structure and support from the card encryption algorithm to control
As mentioned above only the right to know the password to use the talent to make smart cards, but if need be by radio or telephone lines in different places on the card information to send to must also have an additional means of protection.

Means of protection is encryption, which seems to send the information to be translated into foreign languages who can not read. Microprocessor smart cards with encryption and decryption (to read something and then translated back) of the features that make the transmission of information stored on the card, but also worry about leaks occur.

Through encryption, smart card information can be translated into hundreds of millions of “foreign language”, and need to communicate, you can randomly choose one. This prevention mechanism to ensure that the use of real and effective cards and computers, makes it almost impossible to send the information to steal halfway.This is the reason why Smart Card not as same as the formal Business Plastic Cards.

Five Steps Make your Own Plastic Business Card

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First Step.Get your own plastic printer or find a good plastic card print company. Such as plastic card online inc. is a professional of plastic business card print and design.you can see their  print clients,In USA have many plastic sheets,you can find some available plastic supply stores, the best way is you may have to find a specialty plastic distributor to get the plastic you need.also you can using you peronal photo print in your plastic business card if you want,is’t a better choice for your business..

Second Step.Design your own card.Do you like draw on the computer?do you master photoshop and other design skill? If the anwser is yes,then you can design the plastic business card by yourself.After when you finish it then looking for a good print factory,they will help you public it as soon as possible.Before you print,you should Draw the shape and size of the card you want. Usually the average business card is 3 1/2 by 2 inches, but you can adjust them to whatever size you wish. Include the company’s name and contact information.

Third Step.Translate your card onto the computer. Use a business card template, available through several label-making programs, or wing it. Use a word processing program that can insert a table. Pick the number of rows and columns that fit on the page, with each cell being a separate card. Create one, and then copy and paste the card information into each of the cells.

Fourth Step.Print the cards. Select the proper settings on your printer for a thicker sheet than regular paper and the highest quality print.

Finaly.Cut and distribute. Use very sharp scissors or, better yet, a utility knife or paper cutter that can slice through plastic. Keep edges even by dragging the knife along a ruler or drawing fine lines with chalk that can be wiped off once cut.


Read more about plastic card: www.plasticcardonline.com

Good news!Plastic card fraud falls by 23%

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The amount of fraud being committed on plastic cards across the country fell in the first half of the year, plastic card print industry development report form US Office.

This year England Losses totalled £233m in the six months – down by 23% on both the first and second halves of last year.

Fraudsters may have turned to targeting foreign-issued cards, experts believe.Phone, internet and mail order fraud levels all dropped for the first time.Although plastic card make from china are very cheap,the quality are the best ,but we should notice our business man,be careful deal when some one who is from other country.the chairman of plastic card printing company in USA saided.

‘More sophisticated’

Full color cards were introduced by the UK banking industry in 2004. Total card fraud fell in the two years that followed.

Losses then rose in 2007 and 2008 to hit a new annual record last year of £610m.

Now it seems the problem may be coming under control again.

One reason for finally reducing fraud when cards are used to buy things over the phone, internet or mail order – known in the industry as “card not present” fraud – has been the introduction of online payment tools, such as Mastercard Secure Code and Verified by Visa, which ask the card owner to type in a second pin code at the point of purchase.

The value of successful frauds also dropped with counterfeit cards, with membership cards that had been lost or stolen, and where Loyalty cards had gone missing in the post.

However, there was a word of warning about the figures from Richard Allen, of IT consultant Consult Hyperion.

“May the plastic card company and card print marketing will become better,when you decide order to him,you sholud get the trust from him”. he said.

The present situation,Plastic card online inc. is a best company in china.It’s a gold supplier of plastic card print services.

Plastic Card Printer

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Many of the ID card printer systems available to provide many functions for printing all types of cards for schools, businesses, agencies and organizations. Providing the best in current technology, a new plastic card printer security features, color options, offer select photos and designs. Printers do typically have specially developed software that installs all features for a project that is planned managed necessary. This device can also be used to produce maps on demand or in bulk amounts. Printer with units that the hard work outs for important areas that have access to identity cards may still need to deal to be acquired. Other types of equipment can be bought that are suitable for occasional use. Regardless of the type of service is required, the manufacturing quality of the identity cards of professional printing machines for small offices or large facilities can be provided.

Use before purchasing of equipment, which produces for the printing of plastic cards ID, there are some things to consider. The specific work or employment, it must be the first consideration when buying a printer for plastic cards. Decide whether the role is for a print job easy or difficult jobs. The nature of the tasks that directly influence the model is processed should be considered for the purchase. There is a general rule that the heavy machinery more features and more use must withstand a whole. Light machines offer some features, but do not have as many options as a rule. Consider how to use and how many of the functions needed before purchasing any model. “Teach me to do your will, for thou art my God …” (Psalms. 143:10)

Not only is it important to decide between the heavy and light units, but the review of the available options is also very important. Some basic features offered by many systems of identification card printer color options, single or double-sided printing, the options for security code and hardware options that affect the sustainability of all the cards. All units have either single or double sided printing options. demand for small jobs that are not as many safety features, a single plastic card printer may have possibly before a school or organization. Most schools, colleges and public schools generally require a minimum of security features that allow the students draw their ID in cafeterias, snack shops and entertainment opportunities on campus and can be used in minimally secure areas.

Double-sided badges can be manufactured with additional security features such as smart cards, holograms, magnetic stripes and proximity badges. Identification systems can generate printer smart cards and proximity cards that respond to radio waves, without the user drag his passport. Tape is more common for schools and other security issues at the level where moderate risk of identity theft are not so much the concern that areas with a high level of safety.One of the most advanced forms of security that is offered by the holographic cards. These cards are processed through the layering of materials on the holographic image of the laminate.This process makes it very difficult for the thieves to steal or modify a photo identity for criminal purposes. Custom holograms must be purchased, the plaques can not be bought or copied, to offer as much potential security risks.

Security is not just a concern for the badge itself, but can also concerns about the ID of the card printing systems. Some systems provide functions, not the lock can be accessed with the exception of a designated code. This minimizes the possible tampering and falsifying or markings that need to be addressed in a future identity cards. For government agencies, banks and high security settings, it can be a very important issue, even before processing the badges.One consideration that is important for most institutions, the possibilities in color printers. Some systems provide color images, while others offer only one color image formation for each project. Of course, a printer, plastic card, which only offers monochrome capacity is usually less expensive than a system that offers color options.

Larger facilities may require color options for their badges because of the importance of the brand, which is an organization associated with colors chosen. Schools, hospitals and other organizations that do not require added security features photo badge can sometimes preferred color options for the same purpose.

Identification systems usually come packaged with a card printer everything the organization needed to get started making badges immediately. Software, printing machine, ink cartridges and blank cards are also included in many systems, as well as a camera for photo identification, if necessary. Software, ink, cards, printers and other devices can also be purchased separately. There are big differences between the price categories to the specific requirements of an office can ever have. Be sure to check later in the print options and compare prices before a final purchase decision.