What’s the power of membership cards in business

By 2010/12/20Membership Cards

Currently, the membership of the promotion model is widely used, large department stores, hypermarkets small boutiques, tea shops, and has been gradually accepted by the majority of consumers. But the membership card is really attractive to consumers? What’s the power of Membership card in  promotions?

Think about the following questions:
(1) Select a store to brief its membership.
(2) cited membership card promotions possible problems
(3) membership card promotions in the end have no effect? Why?
(4) how to play a greater role membership card?

1, Membership cards flooded. Almost all stores now issue their own membership card, open the wallets of consumers, you will easily see the different sizes, different forms of the major business of the membership card, from department stores, specialty store to the supermarket various retail formats, from clothing, footwear, household appliances to cosmetics and other goods, membership cards everywhere. The investigation has shown, however, only 30% of consumers agree on the membership card expressed. Obviously, we all gradually evolved into the relative issuing “no card”, membership cards have been flooded to the point, the true meaning behind the membership card to be buried out.
Low levels of membership card sales operations. The implementation of the current retail sales of most of the membership card to stay at a low level operation of the state, the lack of a complete set of marketing programs, ignoring the extended out from the membership-based business-oriented features and differentiation of marketing orientation, can not satisfy target customers needs. One is too low performance of the role of superstition. Despite the introduction of cheap sales of the current membership system retailers winning magic, but in the case of a limited number of members, retailers, suppliers of products to set the price too low, breaking the existing price system suppliers to retailers, suppliers face the risk of losing, it is difficult going. The second is the marketing performance of the lack of features. Retail services provided on the majority of members remain in the discount points, and participate in promotional activities, projects, marketing the single, the lack of features, which remain in the price level and the practice of short-term interest easily imitated by competitors, not only will lead to vicious competition within the peer, the important thing is the ultimate still lost the trust of customers.

2, The membership card promotions can establish a stable customer resources and long-term relationships with customers, the membership model is the business customer management to maintain long-term trading relationship with customers and develop a more successful relationship marketing model. In USA, most consumer purchasing power is not very strong, mainly to consumers to buy goods cheap, In other words,Membership cards is like discount cards, you can pull the customer, and this is certainly, through the points for rewards, sometimes the consumer to purchase something in exchange for points is also not uncommon phenomenon. Now a lot of ways that are membership-based marketing. As integration increases, the more discount incentives, consumers are more willing to give up your products, choose other products, and start from zero points.

3, To firmly establish the member as the center of the retail concept.Retail organizations in the retail concept is the guiding ideology of the retail operations, which represents the starting point of retail activities, retail activities to achieve the purpose of program. Retail stores to appeal to its members, they must establish the member as the center of the retail concept. The membership card can circle around the hearts of consumers, the key is to see whether consumer spending from the membership card in the real benefit.Survey data show that consumers expect stores There are three: First, access to the satisfaction of the goods; the second is to get good service; Thirdly, it is a comfortable shopping environment.Consumption specific to the membership card, the content is down to these prices, time, service, etc., only the maximum retailers to meet customer needs, the most thoughtful service to consumers, provide the most comfortable shopping environment for consumersthe real from the price, time and services and other aspects of income, membership card sales have foundation and vitality. If Suning by various special membership cards to buy goods is the price for consumers to benefit content; the States United States the development of membership, the introduction of extended opening hours and home services, for the consumer time and services to benefit content. Only to meet the real needs of members for the purpose, continue to innovate and go beyond, to the members closely unite around the retailer.

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