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Numbered card

Numberd card is available for all kinds of plastic cards. Variable data is a type of dynamic printing that prints a various number (or code, name, special characters cand so on) on each pritned plastic card. Variable data is perfect for membership cards, loyalty cards and more. 

consecutive number card

Sequential number card / Consecutive number card

sequential number card Sequential number card means each card will certainly have a serial number printed on it within an array (as an example 001-251). Sequential numbering could be utilized for such points as drawing tickets and also membership cards.

Random number card

random number card Random number card means a distinct number/code will printed on each card that does not develop any sort of sort of collection (for instance: JA001, PRO1ST ...). Random numbering is widly used for identification numbers and also tickets.


There are different types of numbered card for your choice:


Spray printed number for variable data card

spray number Spray printed number is the only way for variable data to be printed custom shape die cut cards. As the diecut cards can not be thermal laminated, so we could not thermal print the number on the plastic card. The spray number is printed with inkjet machine and the font will be dot matrix like the photo on the left.

UV number / Custom font number for variable data card

UV number UV number is similar to spray printed number mentioned above, it's same short turnaround and cheap. The number is printed with uv oil. The outstanding benifit is the uv number font can be customized as client's wish. UV number is less durable than thermal printed number. is the only one plastic card company has the ability to print customized font number for clients.

Thermal printed / Custom font number for variable data card


Thermal printed number using the thermal process can only be done if there is an thremal overlay finish on the cards (not available on matte finishes). Thermal printed sequential number is in black only. So on a dark background is not as visible as thermal printing on a lighter background. When black thermal printing is needed on a dark card, we can also add a white background behind the area that will be thermal printed.


Silver printed / Custom font number for variable data card

random number card

This type of consecutive number is very rear and unique deisgn only a few plastic card factory is capable of doing this. The numbers is in mirror silver foil, which is expensive looking and nuique. This option if recommended for high-end card users.


Laserd number for variable data card


Laserd number is printed onto the card with a laser engrave machine, this gold number is extremely durable can not be removed or covered after a long time heavy use. We recommend our clients to use it on long term membership cards.


Numbered card price: (Including shipping to USA, other countries please contact sales)

Qantity / Unit Price
Spray numbered card
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UV numbered card
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Thermal numbered card
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Sivler numbered card
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Laser numbered card
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For large quantity or multiple custom options not sure about price
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Custom plastic cards make your business stand out!


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