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pvc cards Archives - Plastic card

pvc cards Archives - Plastic card

Common plastic cards

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VIP  Card, Gold Card members, offers  Gold Card and a series of statues products, the use of precious metal materials and 18K, 24K gold surface processing, the multi-channel traditional craft and modern advanced technology from refining. Fusion of modern design, great performance style.Extraordinary creative, elegant, with a collection of gift value.Business gifts can be used for advertising and other gifts. Senior Gold Card, Department of selection of such imports of copper, after stamping, corrosion, electroplating, paint and other filling processes Seiko made. It has a unique three-dimensional relief and gold-like color, is to produce high-end VIP cards, membership cards, commemorative cards, calendar cards of the preferred materials. Welcome to the major hotels, restaurants, clubs, customized to our company. In addition, this card is also especially suitable for the memorial, for long a variety of commemorative cards, such as: wedding, grand opening, major conferences, the opening, calendar, retirement and so on.

  • PVC transparent card

PVC transparent card name suggests, is the transparent material of the card, the card looks very beautiful, crystal Ti-through, also known as PVC transparent card crystal card, transparent card is currently very fashionable PVC card, up to: hotel VIP card, beauty salons VIP, VIP wedding photography, clothing stores membership cards.
The main function of this card is both three-dimensional effect of depth can be generated, but also can produce scaling, and translation of the visual effects, completely different from the traditional printed cards, and can be arbitrary on the card with bar code, chip and contactless chip.

  • Die cut card

Die cut card according to individual requirements, production of special non-standard card size or shape, and establish unique, assertive image.