Make membership card at home

By 2011/05/06Membership Cards

These days Plastic Cards are kindly for business, membership, ID, loyalty card, gift card ,discount card and more plastic cards. If you think that having professionally printed membership cards of this kind can be a costly plan, making your own plastic  membership cards can be done with an easy graphics program, A full color card printer and the sheets of  PVC essential for printing,you can reference how to make business card using microsoft word 2010.

You need Required things:

1. Plastic sheet or PVC

2. Printer

3. Photoshop CS

4. A Knife or Scissors

5. A Ruler

Following are the below steps of making plastic membership card for a variety of business or personal uses that are attractive, colorful and high-class.

1. Buy Plastic Sheets in retail shop:

Obtain plastic sheets that are designed to fit into your printer.

2. Design:

Design your card using photoshop cs. PS is easy to use. A typical business card is 3 1/2-by-2 inches. If you don’t understand you can go to to see how to design membership card .Make a raster layer that is the desired dimensions with the uppermost quality resolution. If this will be a business card, take account of company logo and company contact information. Decide the colors and fonts preferred for the background and text. Combine any layers and save your creation as any ling of image file on hard drive of your computer.

3. Print:

Print a test on plain white paper. If it is satisfactory, print the membership cards onto the plastic sheets using color printer.

4. Cut the sheets:

When you finish print,next work is Cut the plastic sheets into single cards with a sharp cutter or a knife and ruler.

Finally you have plastic membership card . if you don’t want to make it by yourself you may get high quality and Cheap price membership Cards from PlasticCardsOnline™, the biggest Plastic Cards Printing factory around the globe.

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