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Membership Card design guide

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Your membership card looks old and outdated piece of dirty paper and your club needs a new look new look short. So bin the old piece of paper and make a cool and new for your club through this article on the model of membership card.

Model Club Membership Card

Here are some key elements of the model of membership card you may want to consider.

Membership Card Design
Club membership cards these days are nowhere as great as they were before, and the idea is that the pocket size and can easily be carried in your wallet. There is one interesting marketing strategies associated with wearing a small membership card because there are chances that it may help to promote your club, spa, gym or anything. Whenever the member opens your portfolio for any reason someone might spot spreads and card from your club. And from the perspective of the member, it is quite easy to carry, and thus a small membership card makes much sense.

Logo and brand
Other things you probably need to work on the logo of your club. The logo should be colorful and should symbolize what the club is – normal fitness, endurance, hard work, things like that. If you have the name of a logo and good, people will be attracted to your club and your popularity will increase. So forget the old logo old style “arms” and come up with something simple, modern design. Logo is an important part of the promotion strategy in marketing the club, so, so special attention must be paid for it.

Membership Card Contents
The third thing is of course the content of member cards. model card member needs space for a photograph of the item and basic information on membership. If you see sample card, you will see that they generally contain the name, address, phone number, email ID, assembly and the expiration date of accession. This ID card will help the club identify members and know all the details necessary for a look.

Other commands
And finally, if you are a member of various activities (swimming, gymnastics, etc.), a membership that oversees all activities, I suggest you color code maps to symbolize the type of membership that the carrier member. It also makes sense to distinguish between periods of whose members can keep making them easier to distinguish.

Sample Membership Card

Here’s a membership card of the sample for you to think.


Member Name: __________________________
Membership No: __________________________
Member Address: _________________________
Email ID: ________________________________
Contact Number :___________________________

So it was modeled on the membership card. Membership card serves two purposes in terms of the club because it helps identify members and spread the word about the club. It is therefore important that you try to do the membership card properly.

Free Design Membership Card:

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Gift Cards And Gift Card Printing

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Why does your business provide plastic shopping card?

If your business is not available for customers to choose your plastic gift cards, then missed an opportunity to provide essential services to increase your sales.

Gift cards and existence for many years, its popularity only continues to rise. Why? Because it is a safe way of giving a gift, the recipient may use such things would not have to go back and worry. Companies love them because they are bringing customers back to the store to buy products or services. In many cases, customers buy more than the original gift card value products.

Trends in gift cards
Recent trend has been the grocery store and web site provide the kind of company gift cards – use as an alternative source of income (percentage of sales receipt) to this. What brilliant idea – let everyone else for the market for your product. This is possible only with the gift card.

Print your own gift card
If choosing to print their own cards, gift, or do your gift card printing you depends on several factors: how many gift cards to print, you have employees and / or when a print out of your budget, designing your gift card.

Give us a call, +85 2 8191 6581,we will be happy to help evaluate the manual to help you determine the best option for your business.

If you decide to print their own gift cards, we sell everything you need to start doing it right. We have supplies of plastic cards, printers plastic card, plastic card printing software, hardware, plastic card, the customer support, to help you succeed. Exploring these options from the drop-down list.

Gift card printing – then we do it
If you decide you want us to do for you, your gift card printing, great! We give you a high quality product, your business or organization to be proud to display.

More Plastic Cards products:


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The magic behind the magnetic stripe

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What do you really know about the magnetic stripe on the back of your gift card, credit card and the multitude of other plastic cards in your wallet?

If you are looking to implement a gift card (or other plastic card) program with this level of functionality or broker a portion of these services, keep reading.

When the card is swiped at the register it works like magic!  But unfortunately magnetic stripes are not powered by pixie dust.

Simply put, a magnetic stripe holds a unique number that is linked to a stored value account.  The plastic card is a tangible representation and access point to the account within the system in which it lives.

A common misconception is that codes for varying dollar amounts are loaded during the manufacturing process but this is not true.  Only the account numbers, which are provided by the processor managing the stored value accounts, are encoded onto the magnetic stripe during card production.  The card manufacturer guarantees that there will be no gap in the data meaning that two cards have the same number.

The more difficult and technical portion of a gift card, loyalty card, credit card or any other plastic card program is the back end processing solution.

Visa and MasterCard are two of the largest systems as they are accepted and can be processed by the largest conglomerate of retailers and service providers.  Private label credit cards, gift cards and other privately branded plastic card programs only work within their specified system e.g. Best Buy credit cards and gift cards only work at Best Buy stores.

Other payment and points based cards such as gift and loyalty cards work similarly in that they are only valid within the specified system or the store in which they are offered.  Again, this is not a fault of the actual card, but because the store in which the card will be accepted or processed must be within a centralized accounting/processing solution.

There are three components that make up a processing solution

  1. The point of sale system
  2. The processing software (within the POS)
  3. Real time bookkeeping/stored value management

All of these services are provided and managed by a processor or financial institution that keeps track of and processes the stored value accounts.

These processors make it possible for merchants to accept credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard.  Processors can also help merchants process cards for their own unique programs such as a gift and loyalty card and the magnetic stripe for a program like this is encoded with a range of numbers that is specified by the processor (as mentioned earlier).
The care is the simplest component of the scenario; however, it is arguably the most important aspect of the program because it is the physical piece that links the customer to the plastic card program and ultimately the store/brand.

Plasticcardonline can help you design or produce a custom plastic gift card, loyalty card, credit card, promotional card, plastic key tag, membership card, medical card, frequent shopper card, insurance card, plastic promotional business card or any other plastic card that is sure to stand out from the rest.

At this time there is no solution to process a card across multiple platforms.  For example there is no gift card that can be used in multiple locations other than those powered by Visa or MasterCard in which case the card must be accepted everywhere Visa and MasterCard are excepted and, of course, are subject to all fees and limitations.

The only other exception is where multiple stores share an accounting umbrella as well as processing platform.  This is why Toys R Us gift cards may also be redeemed at Babies R Us.  Also, restaurant conglomerates commonly offer similar flexibility to the consumer.

Each state has laws that govern what retailers can and cannot do with a gift card program in terms of expiration dates and associated fees.  This is another reason for the lack of a multiplatform solution.

Getting Started

  • Once a retailer chooses a gift and loyalty package from a processor they are ready to order plastic magnetic stripe cards.
  • Some processors supply the cards as part of the processing package and contractually bind retailers and service providers from using a third party source for plastic cards.
  • This, of course, is because processors make a healthy commission on the cards that they are not willing to give up.  The answer you or your client will likely hear in this scenario from a processor is, “Only our cards are guaranteed to work in our systems.”  However, the truth is that any reputable card manufacturer will guarantee their products.

Alternately, there are a few friendly processors who will allow you to work with us and manage the card buy yourself.  Those companies include:

  • Paytronix (this company provides gift and loyalty solutions for restaurant merchants only)
  • Fifth Third Gift Card Processing (gift card solutions only)
  • Smart Transaction Systems (gift card solutions only)
  • We can recommend other vendors for your specific processing needs.  Call today to speak to one of our sales experts.

Plasticcardonline is a leading manufacturer of plastic cards, card personalization, finishing services, mailing and fulfillment and printed plastic promotions.  Our products include custom plastic gift cards, loyalty cards, private label credit cards, plastic membership and custom plastic identification cards including access cards.

Our line of promotional card printing includes plastic ID badges, promotional gift cards, recycled plastic cards, plastic key tags, corporate luggage tags, custom hotel key cards, custom key tags, custom luggage tags and more.

We offer flexible solutions with the service you expect at the speed you need.  visit to learn more.

Recession Priced Promotions

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No doubt that economic uncertainty causes any business to pause and take a second look at promotional spending.  Unfortunately. when marketing budgets are sliced and dice what was originally mean to stabilize the bottom line can end up contributing to a downward spiral.  Lack of proper promotions and PR in a recession can lead to even more troubled times.

Here are Five quick ideas for low cost, big impact plastic promotions that wont crunch you cash but give bang for your buck:

Promotional Gift Cards – Print a nice plastic card that looks and feels like a legit gift card and use it it as a simple barcoded coupon to drive business

Corporate Luggage Tags
– A laminated luggage tag with a write on back is a great way to promote a business or organization at a tradeshow or destination event.  By definition people have traveled to get there and  custom printed luggage tag are a great premium

Custom Hotel Key Cards – Promotional hotel keys are a hot ticket.  Work with a host hotel to help promote private events or work with area restaurants or tourist destinations to pay for keys that will be issued to guest at nearby hotels.

Promotional Business Cards
–  a nice four color plastic business card has some serious wow to it when you hand it to a client or prospect.  The reaction you get will surprise you.

Custom Keytags – almost everyone has keys and custom printed keytags are a fantastic promo tool to keep a marketing message close to people hands and in their minds.

So now that you have some idea’s… how do you find the right card manufacturer?

Many vendors (including plasticcardonline) offed high quality plastic card products in four color process printing and low minimums.  If time is of the essence, make sure a supplier offer quick proofs (via online systems) and fast turn around times.   If you want a green slant to your promotion, make sure the supplier has options for recycled plastic cards or corn card solutions. Finally compare a few quotes to get the best deal.

All in all plastic card promotions are a really good deal.  You get high value and good visual

The Card-iologist Files

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So I am on a new “card” case today!

A major office supply retailer has a plastic membership card program that I am preparing a bid for.

I wanted to take a moment to point out some facts about this project that are text book cases of how to do a program like this.

The project is for the production and fulfillment of a custom plastic ID Card. Those seeking a corporate account  can sign up online or in store. When approved they are issued a “purchasing card”.

Assuming we win this plastic card business, we will receive daily or weekly files to personalize a card and welcome letter and mail to the recipient.

The point of all this is… there is power in personalized plastic.  Direct mailers have known the secret power of “personalized” for some time.  More recently plastic cards have become a critical part of many direct mail projects. Combine the two and it can be a serious one-two punch.  Here are the primary points I wanted to make about this program.

  • Card is personalized with card holder name
  • Card carrier indicates personlalized information about the account
  • Card serves as an anchor in the wallet since it has strong branding identity
  • Frequencey of mailings gets cards into the hands of consumer/buyer quickly
  • We offered recycled plastic as alternative add a green slant to the initiative

In today’s technology terms, there might not be a need for a physical plastic card for this service offering.  But the marketing folks who are behind this know the impact that a high value is perceived when a nice “credit card” product bares the openers name.  Even better, in this kit there is a personalized kit that has other personalized information printed on the letter.

I am confident that our expertise could positions us for a good chance win this bid and get the project rolling soon!

If you interested in how to implement you own plastic identification card program or custom membership card program be sure to contact one of our qualified card-iologist at Teraco.

Everything you need to know about Plastic Membership Card Printing

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Membership organizations depend on members for funds and volunteer support.  When embarking on custom plastic membership card printing and design there are several things to consider.

We all like to feel important and valued as a customer.  The credit card companies make a lot of money on this concept of exclusivity and status.  It means something to be a Gold, Platinum, or Diamond member and any member based program can have their own tiers or levels of participation and member benefits.  The more exclusive, the better.

Also, keep in mind that the card is an important component because it serves as the tangible piece that links the member to the organization and the cause.  As you move forward with developing the perfect custom plastic membership card for your member program, consider these points associated with custom plastic membership card printing…

  • Quality – Inferior cards can send the wrong message.  Chose credit card quality and thickness to capitalize on the value associated with payment cards.  Members need to feel valued and a quality plastic member card will help you achieve that.
  • Personalization – We all like to see our name in lights.  This element adds a personal touch and makes the program come to life.
  • Authentication – Adding a security feature in the membership card printing process; you communicate additional value and exclusivity.  A simple signature panel on a plastic membership card will yield a secure, high-end result.  This can also add to the usability of a membership program as a signed card can be used as credentials for your various events and functions.

All reputable plastic card suppliers will stand behind their products and be able to answer any questions you have about custom plastic card products as well as applicable plastic card programs such as membership cards, gift cards loyalty cards, promotional cards custom key tags and more.

Plastic Membership Cards For Your Business’s “Shoppers Club”

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Customers love to feel special. Why not take advantage of this desire to create an exclusive club within your customer base? Call it what you want, this “shopper’s club” requires special plastic membership cards and offers all kinds of “members only” discounts and promotions. In this article, we’ll present some information about the benefits of a plastic membership card program in your UK business.

Get Creative with Membership Cards

Think about custom membership cards as one-on-one marketing devices. When you single out your best customers to receive plastic loyalty cards, you’re actually doing some very cost effective marketing. If you’re set up to instantly issue a custom plastic card to any customer who wants one, it’s practically certain you’ll increase both traffic and sales. The whole point is to make your customers feel special and privileged. At holiday time, everyone wants a turkey right? Well, wouldn’t you feel great if your “VIP club” card qualified you to buy a turkey at a ridiculously low price like .39 US per lb. while other customers were paying .99?

Why Not Consider Key Tags for Your Membership Program?

As long as you’re going to spend money on plastic card printing, why not include key tags as well. Key tags are as effective as plastic ID cards because they’re highly visible marketing devices. Key tags can be encoded with OCR or bar codes to make them scannable by modern cash registers. And since it’s likely for the customer to have their keys in hand while they’re checking out, it’s very easy for them to remember to present their key tag when it’s needed.

Plastic membership cards and companion key tags are great ways for business owners in the UK to create an exclusive “club” within their customer base that offers rewards and discounts to those customers who most deserve them.

Why Sam’s Club and Other Stores use Membership Cards

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Sam’s Club stores use plastic membership cards that look and act in some ways like a credit or debit card to identify members. There are several reasons why membership cards are used for these private membership cards. At first glance, it would seem the idea of the private membership store was an idea that flies in the face of conventional retail logic. Most retail locations are obsessed with trying to attract customers to shop with them rather than with a competitor.

The truth is that the private membership store is just as interested in attracting customers as other retail stores and our using the membership concept to accomplish just that. The idea is to create an idea in the customer’s mind that such good bargains are to be found at the store that only a special and select group of consumers are going to be allowed to take advantage of them. This subtle psychological approach is telling the customer that he is going to be excluded from these advantages and bargains unless he has a membership. The plastic card is the tangible proof that the customer is going to be included and not left out. In the case of Sam’s Club, even the use of the name club creates this idea that you are either included in the club or excluded from it.

The plastic cards have another even more important and practical advantage. The vast increase in the use of tracking software in the retail industry allows stores to gather data on the shopping habits of their customers. When the card is scanned during the checkout process at the retail location, data concerning the items purchased can be entered into a data file. This file gives the retailer a detailed picture of the types of purchases made by each customer. This information in turn can be used to direct specific advertising campaigns toward the customers that are the most likely to be receptive.

Plastic card printing is an expense and it is fairly certain the retail locations that use them are getting their money’s worth from this investment. It may be in the creating of the Club idea which lets the customer feel he is on the inside and will reap benefits denied to others, or it may be in the data tracking possibilities. In either case, the plastic card that indicates membership or allows access to special discounts has gradually become more and more popular as it takes its place beside credit and debit cards in our crowded wallets.

Sam’s Club stores use plastic membership cards that look and act in some ways like a credit or debit card to identify members. There are several reasons why membership cards are used for these private membership cards. The plastic cards have another even more important and practical advantage. The vast increase in the use of tracking software in the retail industry allows stores to gather data on the shopping habits of their customers. Membership card printing is an expense and it is fairly certain the retail locations that use them are getting their money’s worth from this investment.

Plastic Membership Cards and Customer Loyalty

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There is just something about that stores that require a membership for you to shop there. For some reason you feel connected to the store and loyal when you are a plastic card carrying member. Of course, you have to pay membership fees to actually be allowed to shop in the store, but this is not a turnoff as one might initially think. Instead, those who have membership cards to these types of stores feel special because they have the privilege of shopping at such a fine establishment. Also, these little plastic cards give members a feeling of power or popularity in a sense because all of their friends and family members will ask them to take them shopping. Now, this works to the advantage of the store and it creates customer loyalty.

The majority of stores that require a membership will allow you to apply in store and get your card the same day. That’s because they have a plastic card printing area in the back that can create your membership card in no time. This will make you feel extra special because as a member you are being taken care of so well. What does this do to the customer in turn? It serves to reinforce that customer loyalty. Membership clubs have really gotten customer loyalty down to an art and they know how to get you and keep you shopping in their stores.

Besides paying to be a member you will have to always take your card with you in order to be let in. If you don’t have your card you won’t be shopping that particular day so be sure you keep it in your wallet or in another safe place. Once you start shopping in the store you will realize that the savings you enjoy are worth paying a small membership fee. Not to mention you can buy in bulk which makes life easier all around and less shopping. Currently there are a few major chains of membership warehouse stores and they all have the basic premise. Buy in bulk, save money, and feel special because you are a member of the store. Other items are also sold in the store that aren’t bulk items including electronics, clothes, home goods, patio furniture, and the like. If you are interested in becoming a member of one of these stores all you have to do is show up, pay your membership fee, and become a member. Most of these stores will give you a guest pass for one day to try out the shopping experience and see if you really want to become a member.

There is just something about that stores that require a membership for you to shop there. For some reason you feel connected to the store and loyal when you are a plastic card carrying member. The majority of stores that require a membership will allow you to apply in store and get your card the same day. That’s because they have a plastic card printing area in the back that can create your membership card in no time.

The Two Types of Membership Cards Printing

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At times when all people are looking for ways to save money, there are others who are enjoying the benefit of spending. These people found the advantages of having membership cards that do not just allow them to save but to earn something that they can use in the future as well.

Being a member of an establishment or partner companies can give its member variety of benefits. Aside from the recognition that a person is a part of such prestigious company, the opportunity to save, earn and take advantage of the limited promotions and exclusive access to events hosted by these companies are reasons why many people would love to have a membership card.

The membership cards come in various forms. Each card has different policies, terms of use, limitations as well as methods to earn and save. Nevertheless, despite of the differences, the objective of these membership cards only comes down to one – and that is to provide savings to its members.

Here are the two (2) common types of membership cards printing and their advantages.

1. All-in-one Membership Card. This card is normally from a company that focuses in this industry. These companies also have specific audiences – i.e. military, mothers and women, rich and famous and children, etc. This type of card normally requires membership fees and is renewed annually.

The companies that offer all-in-one membership cards have partners where their members can take pleasure of its preferred pricing. The partners are usually hotels, restaurants, travel agencies like airlines and car rentals, specialized shops and more. Members can enjoy special price on services and products as well as freebies and added surprises from these partners.

2. Membership cards that earn points. This card is normally offered by supermarkets or specialized stores to their regular customers. This type of card is usually free or given to customers when they reached the required purchase amount. The card is presented to the cashier to earn points from their consumed commodities. Then the accumulated points each time they buy can be converted into an item or equivalent cash.

For equivalent item, the member is provided by a list of items with corresponding points. Members can freely choose what item they should exchange for their accumulated points. On the other hand, the card that converts earned points into cash can be used by card holder for his/her future buys in the same store.

Now, that the world is suffering from the effects of global economic crisis, it would be better if we will take advantage of such membership cards. After all, nothing comes for FREE. What makes these cards helpful is that it gives us another way to spend our money wisely while getting an extra gift.

Plasticcardonline, INC provide membership card printing service and can fulfill all of your business needs.