Membership Cards

Custom Membership Cards, The Perfect Recognition Tool

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Custom Membership Cards carry all the benefits of being affiliated with an organization on a small yet effective mini billboard. Often containing information including the member’s name, ID number and the type of membership, the card holder uses this card to provide either a visual or a scanned proof of membership.

Organizations will add credibility, enhance corporate image and build customer loyalty with custom membership cards. Membership cards are essential to any organization that enlists paid members, including health clubs, wholesale outlets and social clubs. In an increasingly competitive marketplace this is the perfect way to retain your client base, track attendance or spending habits and build loyalty to your organization or enterprise.

Custom Membership Cards Create Recognition And Good Will

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Everyone loves to belong to a group. There is a great sense of community and involvement for those who join and participate. Your organization might offer special memberships at different levels based on activity or even interests. You can do an excellent job of creating an atmosphere of recognition  and good will by providing custom membership cards. Different levels might dictate different colors or logos, the same for different interests or different committees within a group. High quality and impressive plastic membership cards can be found for nominal costs. It is definitely worth it to be able to give back something of value to your members. The special cards will identify them and reward them through reputation.

Are membership cards In Your Future?

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Think of how many ways custom membership cards impact our daily lives: We use them  every day, all day – at the supermarket, at the drugstore and even at the gym. Instead of pulling out your ID, all you have to do is present these swipe cards for instant entry or access to special  savings reserved for members. Signature Card implements effective card solutions for retail and service companies big and small.

Why A Custom Plastic Card Can Boost Sales

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With the presence of many competitors in the market, it is essential that your organisation stays as the number one choice for your clients. Plastic business cards are known to be excellent advertising tools. People in Britain have always been known to keep one or two plastic cards in their wallets. Since a plastic business card is handy, giving away a custom plastic card to each one of your patrons will be an excellent means for bigger sales. Typical features of a customised card include a magnetic stripe, bar code, and the business logo, among others.

Custom Membership Cards

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You see and may even have several Custom Membership Cards in you pocket. Stemming from private clubs, health care providers, discount shopping clubs, police associations, civic groups these cards identify you and serve as mini-billboards for the association, club or business. Many times these cards carry a photo of you thus protecting your membership from fraudulent use.

Plastic card online, located in HK, is one card manufacturer that produces Custom Membership Cards in quantities less than a thousand.

Membership Cards Keep Your Clients Coming Back

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Loyalty Programs are structured marketing efforts that reward, and therefore encourage, loyal buying behavior-behavior which is potentially of benefit to the company initiating the program.

In marketing generally, and in retailing more specifically, a Loyalty Card, Rewards Card or Membership Card is a plastic or paper card, visually similar to a credit card that identifies the card holder as a member in a loyalty program.. Small keyring cards, known as KEYTAGS which serve as key fobs and are often used for convenience in carrying and ease of access.

Originated by companies such as Sam’s Clubs, Costco, and leading supermarket chains, the loyalty card/keytag has been synonymous with loyal, return client business. Card Solution companies like Signature Card have allowed this printing expertise to become available to every retailer who wishes to implement a loyalty-membership program.

Calendar card

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Print a calendar on one side of a plastic card and print your business information on the other. People will be inclined to keep the card for the convenience of having the calendar and will be reminded of your services every time.

No matter what business you’re in, you know that the key to increasing sales is staying visible to customers and getting their attention as often as possible. By keeping your message in front of your customers over and over again throughout the course of the year, it becomes that much easier to boost your revenue through people who think of you first when they need the types of products and services that you offer. One simple and effective way to ensure your company gets the attention that it deserves is by ordering wallet-size plastic cards with a yearly calendar printed on them. Here are a few tips to help you design calendar cards that customers want to keep year-round.

When you lay out your calendar, be sure to leave a little bit of room at the bottom for you to put a personal message. While you could put your company logo here, this will not necessarily give your customer an incentive to do more business with you. Instead, give them a prompt to think about your company for a moment and to consider what they might need to purchase from it. Having a phrase such as “Flip over this card to see 5 special offers” gives them a perfect incentive to think about buying from you again.
On the back of your calendar card, list a few truly compelling special offers or discounts that your customer will be sure to appreciate. You could offer specific discounts, or use the card itself as a coupon by printing scannable bar codes on the back. One other option is to print plastic cards that have scratch-off squares on the back that reveal extra discounts or offers. You have a lot of possibilities when it comes to plastic card printing, so spend some time thinking about creative ways to market using your calendar cards.
Finally, ensure that the calendar is more functional to the customer by adding little touches that make it easier to read. Shade the weekends so that the work week stands out. Add a bit of color to typical holidays or special days throughout the year. Or, better yet, link the offers on the back of the card to specific days, and then mark those days on the calendar by shading or changing the text color to something unique. This will give your customers one additional push to return to you again and again.
Many companies use a plastic card printing service to create calendar cards for them, but fail to scratch the surface of what can be done with them. By doing little more than printing a calendar along with a clever logo or business name, they do not create something the customer will keep and refer to year round. But by using the three tips above, and designing your card so that it has a strong call to action and an attractive calendar, you could bring in repeat customers and increase your income all year long.