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About Magnetic Stripes

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What is a magnetic stripe?

A magnetic stripe is short strip of magnetic tape attached to a plastic card that is encoded with data, which may be read by “swiping” the card in a reading device.

How do magnetic stripes typically work on a gift card?

Each gift card has a magnetic stripe that is encoded with a unique serial number. This serial number may also be printed in human readable characters under the magnetic stripe. When a customer purchases a gift card, the magnetic stripe is “swiped” using a card reading devise connected to a point of sale (POS) system. The point of sales system recognizes the gift card’s unique serial number and prompts the cashier for a value to be assigned to it. For this example, the customer wishes to put $50.00 on the gift card. The cashier takes the customer’s $50.00 and keys in this amount. The point of sales system then assigns this value to the gift cards serial number. The value of the gift card is not stored on the card but within the point of sale system.

When the customer returns with the card, the magnetic stripe is “swiped” or the human readable characters are entered. The point of sale system then displays the stored value assigned to its serial number. The customer may add additional funds to the card or use its value to make a purchase. The history of the transaction and remaining balance amount is stored within the point of sale system for reference and future transactions.

What about lock systems?

Magnetic stripes are also used with lock systems such as hotel or institutional. The magnetic stripe is embedded in the back of a key card and the lock system encodes each card with the unique code to gain access.

How do I know what type of magnetic stripe or encoding my Point of Sale system or Lock system requires? How can you ensure a magnetic stripe will work?

If you are not sure what type of magnetic stripe or encoding your system requires, please contact your point of sale system or lock system provider. They can assist you with which type of magnetic stripe will work best and the necessary characters to be encoded for your particular system.

Please ask your point of sale (POS) system or lock system provider the following questions:

  • What magnetic stripe coercivity is required for my system? Hi-co or lo-co?
  • What track or tracks should be used to encode the data? 1, 2 and/or 3?
  • Are there any specific characters or number of characters necessary to be used in the encoded data?

Once you get this information please let us know. We will gladly produce a sample magnetic stripe card encoded to your specifications and mail it to you for testing.


Reasons to Switch to Plastic Membership Cards

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Picking up clients is essential, however its likewise critical to hold the ones you have. Fact is that its more exorbitant to acquire new clients than it is to keep up your current ones. Plastic participation cards are an extraordinary approach to keep your business and get new business as well.
Enrollment cards furnish customers with a mixed bag of rebates, prizes and different profits. These impetuses help to get new clients and likewise persuade your current clients to stay unwavering to you. Participation cards add a certain eminence to the holder. Your client will feel more imperative when they are accepting profits from utilizing your administrations.
The clients aren’t the main ones who profit from enrollment cards. Enrollment cards are a productive route for you to stay informed concerning deals. The way they work is on one side, they are printed with the client data and on the other side is a standardized identification or attractive strip that will check into a machine. When the card has been examined the workstation saves the client’s data and methods their prizes. At the point when the card is utilized it will spare the data so you can stay informed concerning the amount clients are using and increase an understanding of where your deals are originating from.
Moreover, enrollment cards will expand your deals. Clients will use more cash in light of the prizes your participation cards award. At the point when clients are getting rebates they are liable to use more than they would generally use. They might additionally educate their companions concerning the profits, which will bring you more deals, as well.
Plastic enrollment cards are more solid and simpler to bear than other participation cards. Since they are a top notch and effectively fit into a wallet there isn’t a requirement for either the client or the business to need to pay for substitution cards. By and by the client and the business are sparing cash with their participation cards.
Keep your old business and addition some new business with plastic participation cards. Both you and your clients will be content with the choice to sanction these dependable profits.

How to use magnetic cards correctly

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We remind you to avoid the occurrence of the following conditions:

Magnetic stripe cards in your wallet, wallet from the magnet too close, or even come into contact with the magnet;
And Women handbags, men handbags magnet too close or touch;
Contacts with magnetic seal, notebook contact;
Put the magnet and cell phone, car keys and other magnetic objects in contact;
And mobile phones and other devices that produce electromagnetic radiation for a long time together;
And TV sets, tape recorders and other effects of strong magnetic field too close to home appliances;
When used in supermarkets, and supermarkets in the anti-theft devices used in proximity or contact with degaussing;
Multiple magnetic stripe cards together, the two contact between the magnetic stripe card;
Magnetic stripe cards under pressure, was off for a long time bump, exposure, temperature, magnetic stripe magnetic stripe scratch card dirty, also will not work;
Credit card transactions on the swipe card reader in the process of head cleaning, the aging degree of interference during data transmission, system error movements, cashier and so may result in improper operation can not be used magnetic stripe cards.

Appreciation metal magnetic stripe cards

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VIP Card, membership Card,discount card, bueiness Card and a series of statues plastic card products, the use of precious metal materials and 18K, 24K gold surface processing, the multi-channel traditional craft and modern advanced technology from refining.Fusion modern design, great performance style. Extraordinary creative, elegant, with a collection of gift value. Metal Card can become a Business gifts used for advertising. Senior metal card, Department of selection of such imports of copper, after stamping,corrosion, electroplating, paint and other filling processes Seiko made. It has a unique three-dimensional relief and gold-like color,is to produce VIP cards, membership cards ,commemorative cards, calendar cards of the preferred materials.very popular for the hotels, restaurants, clubs, and retail stores.
In addition, this metal card is also especially suitable for the memorial,for long a variety of commemorative cards, such as: wedding, grand opening, major conferences, the opening, calendar, retirement, etc., welcome to order.
Metal magnetic stripe card (never degaussing)
Copper metal in South Korea and Germany use special magnetic stripe cards, produced using the latest technology of metal magnetic cards, elegant, beautiful and practical. And solve the magnetic degaussing can not be easily the biggest drawbacks of credit card (electronic product is everywhere in modern society, will have a certain magnetic field caused by magnetic mobile phones, computers, magnetic button on the package, etc.). Consumers to avoid consumption can not be due to credit card disputes and complaints arising, but also saves money for businesses to use this metal card, business card reader without the need to purchase another to write, just a written card can beused permanently without the need for Re-write the magnetic degaussing.
Degaussing magnetic stripe cards are easy to test a simple approach: take a magnet in the magnetic card, written under the second plan, and then credit card, to see whether the card also.

Appreciation of the metal magnetic stripe cards.