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Membership Card design guide - Plastic card

Membership Card design guide

By 2010/11/02Membership Cards

Your membership card looks old and outdated piece of dirty paper and your club needs a new look new look short. So bin the old piece of paper and make a cool and new for your club through this article on the model of membership card.

Model Club Membership Card

Here are some key elements of the model of membership card you may want to consider.

Membership Card Design
Club membership cards these days are nowhere as great as they were before, and the idea is that the pocket size and can easily be carried in your wallet. There is one interesting marketing strategies associated with wearing a small membership card because there are chances that it may help to promote your club, spa, gym or anything. Whenever the member opens your portfolio for any reason someone might spot spreads and card from your club. And from the perspective of the member, it is quite easy to carry, and thus a small membership card makes much sense.

Logo and brand
Other things you probably need to work on the logo of your club. The logo should be colorful and should symbolize what the club is – normal fitness, endurance, hard work, things like that. If you have the name of a logo and good, people will be attracted to your club and your popularity will increase. So forget the old logo old style “arms” and come up with something simple, modern design. Logo is an important part of the promotion strategy in marketing the club, so, so special attention must be paid for it.

Membership Card Contents
The third thing is of course the content of member cards. model card member needs space for a photograph of the item and basic information on membership. If you see sample card, you will see that they generally contain the name, address, phone number, email ID, assembly and the expiration date of accession. This ID card will help the club identify members and know all the details necessary for a look.

Other commands
And finally, if you are a member of various activities (swimming, gymnastics, etc.), a membership that oversees all activities, I suggest you color code maps to symbolize the type of membership that the carrier member. It also makes sense to distinguish between periods of whose members can keep making them easier to distinguish.

Sample Membership Card

Here’s a membership card of the sample for you to think.


Member Name: __________________________
Membership No: __________________________
Member Address: _________________________
Email ID: ________________________________
Contact Number :___________________________

So it was modeled on the membership card. Membership card serves two purposes in terms of the club because it helps identify members and spread the word about the club. It is therefore important that you try to do the membership card properly.

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