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The Card-iologist Files - Plastic card

The Card-iologist Files

By 2009/09/11Membership Cards

So I am on a new “card” case today!

A major office supply retailer has a plastic membership card program that I am preparing a bid for.

I wanted to take a moment to point out some facts about this project that are text book cases of how to do a program like this.

The project is for the production and fulfillment of a custom plastic ID Card. Those seeking a corporate account  can sign up online or in store. When approved they are issued a “purchasing card”.

Assuming we win this plastic card business, we will receive daily or weekly files to personalize a card and welcome letter and mail to the recipient.

The point of all this is… there is power in personalized plastic.  Direct mailers have known the secret power of “personalized” for some time.  More recently plastic cards have become a critical part of many direct mail projects. Combine the two and it can be a serious one-two punch.  Here are the primary points I wanted to make about this program.

  • Card is personalized with card holder name
  • Card carrier indicates personlalized information about the account
  • Card serves as an anchor in the wallet since it has strong branding identity
  • Frequencey of mailings gets cards into the hands of consumer/buyer quickly
  • We offered recycled plastic as alternative add a green slant to the initiative

In today’s technology terms, there might not be a need for a physical plastic card for this service offering.  But the marketing folks who are behind this know the impact that a high value is perceived when a nice “credit card” product bares the openers name.  Even better, in this kit there is a personalized kit that has other personalized information printed on the letter.

I am confident that our expertise could positions us for a good chance win this bid and get the project rolling soon!

If you interested in how to implement you own plastic identification card program or custom membership card program be sure to contact one of our qualified card-iologist at Teraco.

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