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Everything you need to know about Plastic Membership Card Printing - Plastic card

Everything you need to know about Plastic Membership Card Printing

By 2009/09/08Membership Cards

Membership organizations depend on members for funds and volunteer support.  When embarking on custom plastic membership card printing and design there are several things to consider.

We all like to feel important and valued as a customer.  The credit card companies make a lot of money on this concept of exclusivity and status.  It means something to be a Gold, Platinum, or Diamond member and any member based program can have their own tiers or levels of participation and member benefits.  The more exclusive, the better.

Also, keep in mind that the card is an important component because it serves as the tangible piece that links the member to the organization and the cause.  As you move forward with developing the perfect custom plastic membership card for your member program, consider these points associated with custom plastic membership card printing…

  • Quality – Inferior cards can send the wrong message.  Chose credit card quality and thickness to capitalize on the value associated with payment cards.  Members need to feel valued and a quality plastic member card will help you achieve that.
  • Personalization – We all like to see our name in lights.  This element adds a personal touch and makes the program come to life.
  • Authentication – Adding a security feature in the membership card printing process; you communicate additional value and exclusivity.  A simple signature panel on a plastic membership card will yield a secure, high-end result.  This can also add to the usability of a membership program as a signed card can be used as credentials for your various events and functions.

All reputable plastic card suppliers will stand behind their products and be able to answer any questions you have about custom plastic card products as well as applicable plastic card programs such as membership cards, gift cards loyalty cards, promotional cards custom key tags and more.

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