Giving Your Business Card The Right Feel

By 2009/04/27Die Cut Cards

Many people approach the design of a business card as a simple task, related only with visual arrangement of the elements of the card. This is wrong, however, as there is much more to the design of a successful business card – it has to hold a few key elements, and also combine them in an appropriate way, in order to create the complete card as something outstanding and different from the competition. Die cut business cards can be seen as tiny masterpieces of design, incorporating many elements of creativity.

One important aspect of your card, which isn’t directly related to its look, is it’s physical feeling. If your card not only looks good, but brings a pleasant sensation to whoever’s holding it, it will create a much more positive impression. This can be easily achieved by using appropriate materials, and sometimes inks (depending on what you’re planning to put on your card). Generally, you can put pretty much every popular material to a good use, as long as it’s properly worked into the design of your card. Making your rounded corner business card out of transparent plastic, or wood, can enhance that feeling and deliver a nice finishing touch to the card.

Of course, we can’t forget the visuals, no matter how much we wish to concentrate on other aspects. You need to give your cards a proper look that mixes well with your choice of material. Calmer colours, as well as pure black, can fit well on a wooden card. For the transparent plastic design, try something different and wackier – bright colours in the red and yellow tones, combining and swirling around to create interesting patterns. Though you have to be careful with overdoing it – you don’t want your card to look like a smudgy mess, do you?