What Is a Loyalty Card?

By 2011/04/19Loyalty Cards

In recent years many retailers offer customer loyalty cards that give benefits to their customers. Loyalty card just like membership card and discount card, But loyalty cards differ from membership cards required by retailers like Sam’s Club or Costco for entrance to their stores. Customers wishing to register for a loyalty card are typically required to provide information such as mail, name, home address and more.

loyalty cards Functions
Retailers “use the cards to keep tabs on what you purchase, how often you shop, and what your buying preferences are,” according to an article in Consumer Affairs. Based on those consumer preferences, many retailers will send out mailings to their customers, encouraging future shopping trips and providing discounts.
loyalty cards Benefits

Since Kroger grocery store doesn’t require a membership card to shop in its stores, deal-seeking shoppers should obtain a card to reap the most benefits. Using the card ensures the lowest price on items and also allows for certain coupons to be doubled. A new feature available to bargain shoppers is e-coupons that can be loaded directly onto a card. A benefit of shopping with e-coupons is not having to fumble with paper coupons at the registers. E-coupons discounts are taken off the total when the card is scanned. There are several e-coupon websites around, however www.plasticcardonline.com, www.onlinecardprint.com are a few of the more popular ones.
loyalty cards Features

If you want to using loyalty card for your customers,want they comeing to your store again,I strong recomment print loyalty card or membership card. When they shopping in your store, you can give them a discount. While most retailers would prefer that you carry their card on yourself at all times, many allow you to use your phone number as an alternate account number.