Plastic Clear Cards

Clear cards are a unique way to represent your company’s image.  In today’s thriving market we need to promote our business with a unique image that will leave a long lasting impression on our client’s mind.  With using a clear card for your business cards, gift cards, and or loyalty/rewards cards clients will single you out from other businesses because you’re clear cards will have a unique look.

Clear cards can generate many different types of effects.  We can make your clear card so that it is completely clear so that when you are looking at the clear areas of the card it will look like how it looks when you stare thru a clean window. We can make the clear card so that it is translucent with maybe giving it a frosted finish so that when you are looking at the clear areas of the card it will have a look of how a mug looks when frosted.  Clear cards can be printed on the front or both the front and back of your cards depending on design and can be on a gloss, frosted or matte finish. On clear cards, depending on design the thickness can be on a 12 mil card which is a thinner card and up to 30 mil card which is standard credit card thickness.   Even though there are some limitations when printing your card design on a clear card, there are also a lot of different options that you can choose from while designing your clear card.

The next time  you are searching for ways to promote your business and gift cards, business cards, loyalty cards or any type of card that you are thinking of using, remember to weigh in the option of designing your cards on a clear card.