Plastic card types

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PVC cards

Polyvinyl chloride, (IUPAC Polychloroethene) commonly abbreviated PVC, is a widely used thermoplastic polymer. PVC is commonly recycled, and has the number

“3” as its recycling symbol. PVC cards is used in a variety of applications. As a hard plastic, it is used as vinyl siding, magnetic stripe cards because of its

inexpensive nature and flexibility.

PVC cards can be different thickness from 760 micron to 380 micron. ISO standard pvc card is CR80 Size 85.7X54mm, round corner.

PVC cards has two types :

blank PVC cards and pre printed PVC cards.

Blank pvc cards are manufactured all over the world and finding high quality pvc cards for direct-to-card printing can be a challenge. Some manufacturers use inexpensive production methods, punching cards out with dull dies that leave rough, jagged edges.

We privide pre printed pvc cards which are optically inspected to give you clean, scrath-free surfaces for optimum print quality and extended printhead life.A preprinted PVC card is ideal for card programs that require a high volume of cards to be personalized (without a cardholder photograph) in a short period of time. Using a desktop card printer and a monochrome ribbon, you may personalize a preprinted PVC card with the cardholder’s name, card number or other text information within a matter of seconds.

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