Picard- A Cheap and Amazing Gift

By 2009/07/30Gift Cards

Looking for a great and cheap way to surprise your costumers and promote your business? Picard gift card is the perfect solution for you! By giving this small beautiful card to your clients, you can be sure that they will remember you and your company for the better, and revisit your business more and more often. Unlike any other business card made of simple paper that does not last too long, Picard is made of PVC plastic and UV coating that protects the card from being damaged, and makes the card’s life last very long. The print on the card is probably in the best quality that you can find. The special thing about Picard, is that you are the designer of the card! Just enter our website and see for yourself- the process of the design is extremely simple, fast and fun. It includes uploading any image you want, adding text, and changing the colors and effects as you wish. Once completing the process of design, you will receive your gift card to the address you specified within few days only, and all for a ridiculously cheap price! Picard is, indeed, the prefect gift for any occasion and for anyone you want to give it to. You should print the details of the gift on the card, for example, a certain discount, or a present from the company. So, if you have a restaurant, you can write on the card that the gift is a fancy dinner for two. If you need any help with deciding upon a gift, please contact us and we will provide you with great ideas for a great and cheap gift to give your clients.