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Meet the QuikCard ID Card Printing Package from Zebra - Plastic card

Meet the QuikCard ID Card Printing Package from Zebra

By 2009/09/01ID Cards
This bundled ID card printing solution is geared toward small to mid-level companies. Organizations that need customization for employee access or personalization for customers can benefit from this type of one-stop shopping. Zebra (Eltron) announced this new packaged deal in early March 2009. The system features your choice of a P110i or P120i card printer. The combination also includes design software/templates, and a Logitech USB web cam (with a mini-tripod). A packet of 200 PVC cards and a printer ribbon round out the collection. This makes ordering an all-in-one ID system as easy as asking for the #4 combo meal at a drive through. All the customer has to decide on is whether to select single or dual sided printing and if magnetic stripe encoding should be included.This QuikCard ID Solution is ideal for businesses that need immediate enrollment capabilities without a large up-front investment. The software is compatible with Microsoft Excel and CSV files. This means information can be imported from existing databases to populate card fields. The included webcam negates the need to purchase a separate digital camera for ID photo capture. However, other images can be uploaded into the card template if desired.

Both the P110i and P120i printers offer full color and monochrome printing using dye sublimation and thermal resin ribbon. These simple Load-N-Go cartridges are designed for installation that takes just a few seconds. The iSeries ribbon detection software works to maximize printer performance and also indicates usage status. This feature notifies the operator when cartridges are running low and need to be reordered.

These printers can be used for a wide variety of purposes. Employee and student IDs, membership/loyalty cards, gift cards, and access devices are just a few examples. The unit is small enough to be taken over the road for event management or trade shows as well. With a printing speed of up to 120 full color cards per hour, keeping up with a busy ID enrollment schedule will be no problem.

Another Good Deal

Zebra isn’t the only manufacturer offering a great starter package. The Datacard SP35 or SP55 Plus Bundle is another option. This solution includes a single or dual sided printer, the ID Works Intro software, a 250 print ribbon and 500 PVC cards. These Datacard models are designed to be user friendly. They offer quick change supplies and an operator replaceable printhead. Both the input and output hoppers are on the front of the machine for easy access and space conservation.

This bundle does not include a camera so one must be purchased separately. However, the Datacard does offer edge-to-edge printing, which covers the entire card surface. This delivers a seamless look with no borders. The SP35/55 can also be used for contact and contactless smart card programming (the entry level Zebra printers offer only magnetic stripe encoding). These modules can be factory installed or field upgraded. Such flexibility makes these printers ideal for companies that are likely to transition to more advanced card technologies in the future.

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