Make PVC Card Online

By 2011/09/23News

PVC cards have a variety of uses from identification cards to membership badges. making PVC card requires professional-quality equipment. Consulting with a professional plastic card printer is likely your best bet for producing PVC cards you can be proud of.

1.Shop around to find a printer or print house that specializes in PVC card printing. Look for the one that offers the lowest price for the quantity needed, a wide selection of card materials and types, and proofing services before running the final print.
2.Contact your printer and request a template of your PVC card. Ask the printer to provide the template in the native file type of your design software. In most cases, the printer will either email you the file or direct you to a website to download it.
3.Open the template in your graphic design software. Using your design PVC card tools, design the look of the card within the template’s size and shape. If you’re adding anything special like a scratch-off area or unique ID numbers, make note of the location where the printer should add it. If graphic design is not your thing, ask the printer if a designer is on staff.
4.Save your file and send it to your printer. Most printers will provide you with an email address or an FTP site to send files to. If you’re not sure, ask the printer. When sending files to printers, always follow up with a call or email making sure they have received it.
5.The print house will set up the file for its printers, but before it starts the run, most will have you proof the PVC card. Normally, this is done by sending you a PDF or image of what the card looks like. Look at this image carefully. Make sure all the spelling and images are correct and sharp. When you’re happy with the proof, let your printer know to start production. For simple jobs, or if you use the same printer over and over, proofs can sometimes be avoided to lower the cost.
6.Once your new PVC cards have arrived, look at a few to make sure the print quality and consistency is to your liking. Look for print mistakes or missing lettering. Refer to your proof. If you do find something wrong, quickly contact the printer and have the print run again.

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