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Knowledge of Smart Card - Plastic card

Knowledge of Smart Card

By 2010/10/06Smart Cards

    Smart cards can promote around the world, play in different systems of her role in the development of international norms is essential. For example, the size of a smart card provided by the ISO7810 standard. ISO7816 standard provides a number of plastic card, the physical properties, including temperature range, flexibility, location of electrical contacts and built the external micro-chip and the mode of exchange of information.  

Reader in the discussion, we first find out “reader” of the concept. Broadly speaking, “reader” means all can read and write on the card device. However, in the smart card industry, “reader” means that the computer must be connected to the computer to issue appropriate instructions to accept completion of the card to control the operation of equipment. And “Reader” is a device, which we call “terminal.” “Terminal” means that the card can operate independent of the equipment, without the help of computer. Readers and terminals can be completed on a smart card reader.

The reader is more dependent on computers than the terminal, so she has more flexibility than the terminal. The easiest way is to use a card reader and PC. General PC via RS232 serial port, USB interfaces, PCMCIA interface, a floppy disk interface, parallel port, infrared port, etc. to get in touch with the reader. PC interfaces to the reader through these instructions issued by ISO, the reader after receiving the instruction command of reading and writing instruction card, complete the write operation when the card after the reader back to the success of a command Accordingly, the reader after receiving the card corresponding to tell PC, PC time based on the results of the corresponding instruction operation to the next ISO. For more on the smart card operating instructions, see the [smart card interface protocol]. Generally, we program the smart card, most of them use the card reader to complete the operation.

One of the most common terminal is used in shopping malls and hotel POS machines. Her greatest feature: its own operating platform and development system that can read and write on the card, independent, have Modem functionality and printing transactional capabilities. General there are magnetic read and write capabilities.

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