How to use magnetic cards correctly

By 2011/01/24Magnetic Card

We remind you to avoid the occurrence of the following conditions:

Magnetic stripe cards in your wallet, wallet from the magnet too close, or even come into contact with the magnet;
And Women handbags, men handbags magnet too close or touch;
Contacts with magnetic seal, notebook contact;
Put the magnet and cell phone, car keys and other magnetic objects in contact;
And mobile phones and other devices that produce electromagnetic radiation for a long time together;
And TV sets, tape recorders and other effects of strong magnetic field too close to home appliances;
When used in supermarkets, and supermarkets in the anti-theft devices used in proximity or contact with degaussing;
Multiple magnetic stripe cards together, the two contact between the magnetic stripe card;
Magnetic stripe cards under pressure, was off for a long time bump, exposure, temperature, magnetic stripe magnetic stripe scratch card dirty, also will not work;
Credit card transactions on the swipe card reader in the process of head cleaning, the aging degree of interference during data transmission, system error movements, cashier and so may result in improper operation can not be used magnetic stripe cards.