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How to Make Metal card? - Plastic card

How to Make Metal card?

By 2010/12/16Metal Cards, News

Metal Card Materials: copper, gold, silver

Metal card (Gold, Silver): sub-ink corrosion  card and the two type processes.
Ink ink the Gold card is the graphics directly on the screen from thesubstrate, and then the bump effect and couplers Gold plating out.
Corrosion of the substrate will be directly in the card is the graphicsand the bump effect Gold corrosion out of the final fineness byplating Gold plating will come out.
Commonly used in the production process: matte with spot colorshading the end of electrophoresis, electrophoresis colored outlets and gold-plated laser shading, gold-plated small outlets, coatedwhite, silver plated, gold plated matte shading and so on.

Metal card production process specifications:
Size: There are three commonly used, 85mm × 54mm, 80mm × 50mm, 76mm × 44mm, can also be produced according to customer size and shape of the contour of other cards. (However,an additional calculation of the price)
2. Thickness: The thickness is commonly used in 0.35mm, but also can be 0.25mm, 0.30mm, 0.40mm and so on.
3. colors: words and images can be convex gold effect, you can also color printing by the computer after the package Phnom Penh /Silver, but also can color Gold.
4. lace: lace from my library, select the company, but also any design.
5. Shading: Shading in my library, select the company (or samplecard), such as grinding grain / wove / flash patterns, etc.
6. Encoding: India can be divided into code (also called levelcode), corrosion convex code, corrosion Au yards, playing bumpcode. Convex code will appear broken code, you can skip the “4. ”
7. Gold Signature card write article can be a normal sign.

8.Metal card offen using discount card.

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