How to Make Business Cards using Microsoft Word 2010

By 2011/03/18Business Cards

In recent years,Business cards are a best way to promote your business. business cards can talk representing you which can create many opportunities for your business or company. There are many sources of quality plastic business cards online or in many printing services. but if you want to create your own, Microsoft Word 2010 offers a fast and easy way to make business cards. Here a list all you need:

A computer with internet connection

A printer

business card sheets


Using Microsoft Word 2010 make business cards.


1.Download Microsoft Word 2010 and install

Go to download Microsoft word 2010, When you finished installed,then Open Microsoft Word 2010. Click the “Office Button” located at the top left corner of the Word 2010 document then select “New”.


2.Create business cards

When a “New Document” window appears, select “Business Cards” from the lists of templates. If you don’t see any business card template, click the “Print Business Cards” link and the Microsoft Word 2010 will connect on the internet to give you previews of business card templates available.


3.Design business card templates

Browse from the list and pick the ones that best suites the business that you want to promote. Keep in mind that the business card design you choose will represent you and your business so take your time to find the right one. Click “Download” when you found the right design.

business card

4.Write your information

Microsoft Word 2010 will automatically create a page-full of business card layout. You can change all the information with your name, address, phone number,contact info, company name, and email address and website. You can also put your photo on the template to make it unique and personalized,this card call photo ID card.


5.Business cards printing

When you finish design business card,next step is print it out,If you have printer, turn on your color printer and put the business card sheets on the paper tray.I recommended full color print plastic card. Another good thing about making your own business cards is that you can choose business card sheets with the right thickness and color that match your personality.If you don’t have printer,you can choose plastic card company to help you print it,you can using google and yahoo search plastic card company online.


Microsoft Word 2010 offers a very simple and easy way to make your own business cards. It comes in handy especially if you need it pretty fast and the printing service can’t provide you a quick turn around.After you read this article,if you don’t how to do still,you can go to this website  find a free service.