how to choose business card print factory

By 2011/05/23Business Cards

If you want to print business cards, you must first determine your printing factory, because different ways of printing business cards will decide to use a different carrier, but also affect the price of printing business cards.
1, Computer digital business card: business card printing and color laser printers use a computer to complete, using 292 × 197mm card paper paper, each sheet of paper can do ten cards. Its features are: fast printing, typesetting and printing at one go, and the production of good quality business cards, a box of business cards from the simple orders, typesetting to delivery can be completed in three minutes. Computer digital card of high quality, high time makes its way into the mainstream of the card production.

2, The offset printing business card: business card printing using computers, black and white laser printer, printer, business cards offset press support to complete, using 90 × 55mm business card paper business cards special paper, each sheet of paper can print a business card. Its features are: fully express all the ideas business cards, printed business cards for the current form of the traditional. Cons: slow printing and delivery cycle is longer, higher prices, and the quality is not very high.

3, Special business card: business card printing using computers, laser printers, printer, small screen printing machine with to complete, the card uses other than paper outer medium, medium size general-purpose 90 × 55mm, can print a business card for each . Its characteristics are: the general media thickness compared with the hard business card paper, suitable for high-end, personalized business cards, using different grades for different media. Disadvantages: screen printing complex, very spare media cards, business cards, custom cycle is long and expensive.