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Finding Good Business Card Examples

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I keep getting emails about where to find good designer and creative business card examples. It’s not that hard if you actually take some time to look into some of the good business card design companies that are around the web because they usually have great card design examples on their websites.

I would first start off by doing an image search in Google for something like clear business cards or designer business cards and see what kind of results you get. I just tried it and got hundreds of very high quality results including examples of 2 sided, folding, clear, double sided, as well as very well designed photography business cards.

By doing this search you will get great inspiration for your next design or if you have hired a professional designer to design your new corporate business cards you can show him the photos you find of the designs that you really like. I always look for creative business card design before I start any new project and it always seems to help me.

To find better business card examples what you can do next is follow the images that you like in Google to the websites that they are being hosted on. To do this all you need to do is click on the image and it will take you to that website. The cool thing about finding examples this way is often the website that the card is coming from usually specializes in designer business cards and might have a whole range of creative cards and their pictures for you to check out and become inspired! Hope these tips help you find your inspiration for your next company card designs.

Dental Business Cards – What to Consider

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When coming up with unique ideas for your dental business cards you need to take time to do proper research, find a good designer or firm, and make sure that you come up with a design that is very creative and represents your dental practice properly. There are so many dentists out there that don’t have cards that match their business well so make sure that yours do.

There are some key things to remember when coming up with creative design ideas for your business cards is that you want to obviously give away the feeling clean and healthy. This doesn’t just represent people’s teeth but also their overall self-image and bodily health in general. Below are a few ideas that you can think about when getting into the design.

  • Don’t use a small logo of a tooth character with a smile on it. I can tell you that it has really been overdone and it’s not creative at all.
  • Think about possibly using the dentist tools in your design. Avoid scary looking machines but maybe photos of some of the more high tech machines might work well.
  • Think about using bright colour toothbrushes as an element of design that would catch people’s attention
  • Only use colours that represent health, vitality, and energy. Stay away from dark colours and stick with vibrant energetic ones.

So when it comes time to get into making dental business cards for your firm make sure you follow some tips from the above list. I think they’ll really help you differentiate your services from the rest of the practices out there with smiley teeth on their firm’s cards because I know you’ve seen those before!

Making Business Cards That Stand Out

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If you really want to start making business cards that really stand out and leave a lasting impression then you’re going to need to come up with some amazing ideas and implement them on your next creative business card designs. There are many factors that go into making these little promotional pieces so special.

First and foremost in order to make creative business cards that really jump out at the people you give the cards out to you need to focus in on the typography. I can tell you now that the typography of your business cards is very crucial and important. It doesn’t matter if you are a lawyer, massage therapist, construction worker, or dentist. There will be typefaces and fonts that are perfect to get your message across so choose carefully. I recommend making sure that the designer you choose to work with is very skilled at typography and knows what he or she is doing when it comes to business cards and fonts.

The next thing you should think about when gathering business card ideas and trying to put them into action is color that you may want to use. You will have tons of options when it comes to this. For example if you have a design firm you could make black business cards with another color on the other side. So you’d have maybe black with your logo or tagline on one side and then white on the other side with the main typography and information.

You should also think about shape of your creative business cards. Luckily for you and me these days there are just so many options for printing. For example raised business cards have become quite popular these days. This means that either the type or maybe logo is a bit raised up when the card is printed. I can tell you that this will really make your cards stand out.

So be creative with your business card designs. You want them to stand out so this is a key factor. These days more and more companies are getting design savvy so this is crucial to consider as you embark on this design process!

Business Cards Wholesale

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Everybody wants to save money when it comes to printing their creative business cards. These days with the internet being around and so many digital printing services located in all major cities you should have no problem at all finding a good price on business cards wholesale. If you do searches on the internet for things like “1000 business cards” or “business cards wholesale” you’ll come up with a slew of results and options that should work for you and save you money in no time.

There are many things to think about when looking for cheap printing solutions for your designer business cards. First of all do you want to use offset or digital printers?
Offset will be using the traditional printing press for your business cards; the quality will be high and the price a bit more expensive. You will often get high quality business cards if you use this method. One of the reason I have often had my designer business cards printed using offset printing methods is because of the wide range of high quality paper you can choose from when having your print run done.

Then you have digital printers for getting the job done. Digital is a great solution I have used many times when I’d like a small run of designer business cards at a cheap wholesale price. You can often find good deals on 1000 business cards in digital format. It will be of pretty high quality and the turn around time is fast.

Another thing to think about when looking for business cards wholesale is the materials you decide to print with. If you want to save money I would avoid printing folding business cards or raised business cards because even if you go wholesale these will often come out being a bit more expensive just due to the business card materials you have chosen to use.

Plastic Business Cards

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Plastic business cards are ideal for clubs, loyalty programs, VIP passes, or simply to have a highly unique and virtually indestructible business card. First time ordering plastic business cards from Professor Print? No problem, we’ll make it easier for you. Before we actually print your plastic business cards your online design is reviewed by an experience graphic designer at no additional cost to you and in order to ensure your plastic cards will print well. There are also no hidden design or setup fees for your order either. From the time we receive your design and review it, expect your order to be printed and delivered within 12 business days. Our quality review process ensures your satisfaction.

Fake Plastic Business Cards True Plastic Business Cards

True Plastic Cards offer the following benefits:

  • Hard-wearing and waterproof
  • Can be printed in regular, gloss or metallic colours (including gold and silver)
  • Our most economical plastic card for low quantities of card in a single colour
  • Clear (transparent) background cards are available
  • Can be printed in holographic print

Plastic Business Card Printing

business cards are seen and used by virtually all businesses large or small. The purpose of these cards is to provide certain information about the individual business person and about the business itself. Primarily these cards provide the recipient with the contact information of the business and individual for future use. Business cards offer a convenient memory aid for the recipient and they are often shared during formal business introductions. These cards will usually have the business’ logo and/or slogan, the company name, address, the individual’s name, position, telephone number, email address, and website. Before most business cards looked and felt the same – black and white text on paper card stock. Now businesses have the opportunity to offer striking visually designed custom plastic business cards with high quality graphics and photos. Plastic cards offer businesses a method to make their name truly stand out amongst their competition and allow their plastic business cards the chance to really work for them by being more than just a memory aid. These plastic business cards can act like miniature marketing billboards or flyers to make the company’s name stick with the recipient. Due to the high durability and long lasting nature of plastic cards, recipients tend to hold onto plastic business cards much longer than paper business cards, and the plastic business cards often give the recipient an impression of value of both the company and the way the individual feels about the worth of their customers.

Plastic Business Cards Designs

Plastic Business Card Sizes and Thickness

Plastic business cards can be printed in a variety of sizes and thickness depending on the company’s design and purpose for the plastic card. In the United States, there are two sizes that are most commonly used for printed plastic cards which are:
Business card size – 90 x 54 mm
Credit card size – 85.75 x 54 mm

The thickness of a plastic business cards will depend upon the type and purpose of the plastic card. Thickness usually ranges from 10mil to 30mil where 10 mil is very thin and flexible and 30mil is more sturdy. Standard credit cards are often printed with 30mil thickness.

Solid Plastic/PVC Business Cards

full color, double sided plastic cards! These cards are exactly like credit cards (shape and material) and can be customized with embossed words, magnetic strips, writable strips, sequential numbering and much more. The ultimate if you are looking for ‘shock and awe’.

Plastic Business Card Sample PVC Business Cards
 Business Card pvc Cards
 plastic card printing Plastic Business Cards
PVC Business Cards  Business Card
Plastic Card  Plastic Business Card Sample
Plastic Business Card  Business Card

Transparent, Frosted Plastic/PVC Business Cards

How often do you hand someone your business card and have them say, “WOW, This is cool!”? These are cards that people remember and… more importantly they Don’t Throw Them Away! Keeping your card and your name in front of your customers longer.

With the competiveness of todays market it is crucial to stand out from your competition and to also be remembered by them. Our Plastic Business Card Products have been helping professionals do this for over 11 years now and will continue to do so into the future. Our product is a unique promotional device that excels in every way over a conventional paper business card.

Plastic Business Cards are durable, washproof, tearproof, and available in several different styles. Our most popular is the clear business card. These Cards are completely transparent offering many unique and eye catching design opportunities. Available in several thicknesses these cards are changing the face of self promotion everyday.

Clear Plastic Business Cards  plastic card printing
Plastic Business Card
 plastic card printing
 plastic card

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