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Mirror metal cards

Choosing brass with a mirror finish for your metal business cards immediately associates you with the refinement of more cultured times. Our cards are made from high-grade brass that will not tarnish over time. The mirror finish gives a true mirror like finish in gold to these brass cards.

Mirror metal cards

Mirror business card

Mirror business card is a great way to make a generally normal marketing tool very exciting and different. It has numerous applications for business professionals and marketers in addition to being a simply unique business card. Our mirror metal cards are available in a number of different finishes in addition to this mirror finish. We also offer brass prism,brass brushed as well as antique brass.

Mirror business card

The best designs are usually those that rely on the unique look, feel and properties of the metal to add further value. We suggest using a single color to make your text or logo detail stand out. The brass mirror finish looks like a real gold card. We suggest etching your details with a single color. This will enable the mirror finish to reflect your card content. Please note that these cards make fingerprints very noticeable due to the mirror surface. If you are ordering one of mirror business card, you will need to set up your metal card design files appropriately. File setup for these cards can be a complex process and should be completed by an experienced designer.

Design guide

Design guide

metal business card template
Artwork templates

business card template

If you would like our artwork department to create customized metal business cards design,
please contact us. Design service is free of charge.

Mirror metal cards price:

Qantity / Price
Mirror metal cards
400micron thickness
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Mirror metal cards
Custom printing
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Contact sales
Contact sales

For large quantity or multiple custom options not sure about price
or any questions about options that is not listed, please ask for Quote or Contact
Our sales team will quote and take care of your order.


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