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Letterpress business card

Letterpress business card is a age tested technique that is comparable to a printing press. Using a plate made specific to each design each colour is pressed into the card to create a coloured imprint. This technique is ideal for block colours and creates a classic and clean finish. We recommend our ultra thick white or cream cardstock for use with our letterpress feature. The ultra thick paper has a higher density with is ideal for protecting the card from showing the impression through to the other side. For best results designs should avoid fine details with less than 2 mm between letter pressed areas. Letterpress cannot be used on gradient designs. As an alternative please consider ffset printing combined with debossing. Letterpress business card is a hand crafted and fragile production procedure carried but by the most enthusiastic fans of print. This luxury printing service develops just the most stylish of pieces, ideal for business who desire their business cards to reveal that their focus on information is ruthless.

Letterpress prinitng

Letterpress printing was invented by Johannes Gutenberg in the 15th century, letterpress printing ranks as one of the most innovative disruptive innovations in history and ended up being the conventional kind of printing utilized till the intro of balanced out presses in the 19th century. At plasticcardonline we are happy to be part of the revival of this lovely art kind continuing the age old printing conventional with a contemporary twist. Our everyday objective is to produce leading work letterpress printing and specialized completing techniques. Now our well-crafted print partnerships with customers worldwide make our work unique to see and wonderful to touch.

letterpress printing

Cheap letterpress business card

We provide both design service and cheap letterpress business card printing with a distinctively tactile presence. All inks on letterpress cards can either be debossed into the paper or ordinary flat straight on the surface location of the card stock. The following paper stocks are our suggested requirements for cheap letterpress business card:

Cheap letterpress business card
  • Lettra 21pt - One -sided printing only.  Considered light, its great for embossing.
  • Lettra 42pt - A letterpress standard.  Fantastic deep crisp impressions.
  • Epic Black 32pt - Super thick and stiff.  Ultra smooth surface perfect for foil stamping.
  • Craft Chipboard 42pt - A natural artisanal stock with a unique hand-made feel.
  • All Black 50pt - Truly a solid black card stock.  Say goodbye to white edges.
  • Ahlstrom 60pt - Extra bulky coaster stock.  Very fibrous and extra deep impressions.
Letterpress business card

Letterpress business card design

Design guide

Design guide

business card template
Artwork templates

business card template
Pre-designed templates

business card template

If you would like our artwork department to create customized business cards design,
please contact us. Artwork service is free of charge.

Letterpress business cards price: (Including shipping to USA, other countries please contact sales)

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Letterpress business cards
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Contact sales

For large quantity or multiple custom options not sure about price
or any questions about options that is not listed, please ask for Quote or Contact
Our sales team will quote and take care of your order.

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