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Embossed business card

Embossing is raise an image to develop a 3D graphic on the card. It is done by pressing a metal die on the back of the card, or whatever product you are utilizing so the front will have the raised image. Embossed business card is a fantastic result to get your audience's interest, along with printing on various mediums, sizes of card and making use of complimentary strategies such as letterpress, spot UV and metallic foil.

Embossing is a unique process using plates and pressure to create a raised detail on one side of a embossed business card. This finishing pushes through the paper to create a finishing that is visible from 360 degrees. Embossing creates a reversed deboss of the image on the opposite side of the card. Embossing can be combined with foil stamping, ink or can be “blind” meaning that no further finishing is used on top of the emboss.

Embossed card is ideal for designs with buffer zones of at least 2mm. Embossed business card is recommended to be used on cardstocks that are no more than 30pt or less although it is still possible. While it is possible to emboss the card before gluing to avoid a complete reverse deboss on the other side for an additional charge, this is not recommended since it may still leave a slight indentation due to the way the glue dries.

Embossed card

Embossed card can make all the distinction in getting observed. Embossed business card make that enduring impression and are a terrific option when thinking about business card concepts that yield outcomes! Business cards can be blind embossed, which is just an imprint without ink or foil used. The term "blind embossing" merely implies that the resulting embossed image is the very same color as the card stock, and is not stamped over an existing printed image without any finishing impacts like foil marking. When utilized efficiently, blind embossing can offer your business cards a refined, advanced and yet stylish appearance. Embossing with foil or color on the imprint havings another distinct and aesthetically attractive aspect to your business card.

Embossed business card includes raising locations of a card surface area above the level of the rest. The images stands out from the card as it has actually been produced by a stamp which presses the business card to the appropriate shape.

Embossed business card

Embossed business card design offers one-stop options for printing both embossed business card and debossed business card. There are a lot of complimentary business cards design templates you can utilize, and you have different choices like blind embossing/debossing, colored embossing/debossing, additional thick embossing/debossing, and so on.

embossed card

Design guide

Design guide

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business card template
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business card template

If you would like our artwork department to create customized business cards design,
please contact us. Artwork service is free of charge.

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Embossed business cards
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