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Foil stamped business cards

Foil stamped business cards have a heated plate to apply metallic foil or pigment to the surface of the card. The result is a vibrant and highly saturated metallic appearance. Although this finishing cannot be colour matched, we offer a wide variety of colours including; Regular Gold, Regular Silver, Matte Gold, Matte Silver, White, Black, Red, Copper, Rose Gold, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Green, Non-metallic green, Clear, Pearl, Hot Pink, Rose Pink, and even Rainbow. Our foil foil stamped business cards are extremely elegant and each plate is created specifically for your business card design. Although we can use foil stamping on highly detailed designs this may lead to overflow. It is possible to use multiple colours of foil in close proximity however the foil may not strike the same place 100% of the time leading to slight variations in alignment. Metallic foiled business cards are specific treatment that might be used to create impressive business card designs. It’s a common sense how important a well designed business card can be to salesman, shop owner, CEO, and others as it is the window of their business image, brand taste and company culture. Foil stamped business cards are very effective media tool that can help your customers remember you and your brand and even better – consider doing business with your when the time comes.

Foil stamped business cards

Metallic foiled business cards

If you want your business card really shine, add a metallic foil stamp! Metallic foiled business cards as they are more stylish and eye-catching compared to other cards. This is the shiniest and most popular sort of foil. Metallic foil looks incredible on any sort of simple white or black uncoated paper. Though they may be cost a bit, but you may consider an boosted attraction to your clients. We have a gathered a several impressive metallic foiled business cards for you. Take a peek, and enjoy!

Metallic foiled business cards

Silver foil business cards and Gold foil business cards

Silver or gold foil over a darker colored paper is the most popular way for business cards. It is most generally made use of in Silver and Gold nevertheless is easily offered in the bulk of different other normal colours by need. As this option is outstanding compared with ink printing, will definitely raise the quality of your business card.

Silver foil business cards Gold foil business cards

Silver foil business cards

Gold foil business cards

Matte silver foil (Less shinny)

Matte gold foil (Less shinny)

Foil stamped business cards

Foil stamping card design tips

The finest info recommended for foil marking is 1pt line density. Lines as slim as 0.5 pt might be used in some cases, however the customer will definitely need to permit the risk of unneeded result. Fantastic details under 1pt might produce the sides of the disabled place to look rugged, or have little breaks. Our matte black metallic foil stamped business cards are the check out option for any type of trademark name that plans to establish appeal and track record.

Design guide

Design guide

business card template
Artwork templates

business card template
Pre-designed templates

business card template

If you would like our artwork department to create customized business cards design,
please contact us. Artwork service is free of charge.

Foil stamped business cards price: (Including shipping to USA, other countries please contact sales)

Qantity / Price
Foil stamped business cards
3.5"×2" (90×54mm)
Contact sales
Matte laminate
Round corner

For large quantity or multiple custom options not sure about price
or any questions about options that is not listed, please ask for Quote or Contact
Our sales team will quote and take care of your order.

Get your impressive business cards printed !


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