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Plastic cards are your ‘flexible friends’

They're flexible because they can be used for many purposes and friends because they always work to your best advantage.

The list of what they are used for is growing, from credit cards and driver’s license to photo identification, security, membership, bus passes and loyalty card. The list continues to grow because they are so practical and convenient. They have virtually eliminated the less durable paper equivalents.


Plastic cards also have countless uses: -

-business cards for advertising,

-employee cards for security,

-membership cards for access

-photo cards for identification

-loyalty cards to attract regular customers


Plastic cards can identify a person’s brand which people want to be a part of and show off to others that they are members. The brand on the plastic card immediately identifies all what they like in either fashion or lifestyle.

They are proud to display that they are a member of your exclusive organization whether it is a shop, spa or gym and all by simply flashing their plastic card in their wallet or purse to a friend, acquaintance or whoever is nearby. When they have discretely informed people there are part of your brand it identifies the style and quality they like and expect. What could be so easy?

To display the plastic card with your brand stamped on it is a badge of honor. It’s a better way than driving the turbo sports car or brandishing the latest designer handbag.

We might want to do that but a plastic card is a cheaper, more subtle way of doing it. It’s also an easier way to manufacture conversations on particular topics. Purposefully (but pretending it’s accidentally) dropping a particular card on the table can easily trigger a conversation on your desired topic. Just think of how you can gear the conversation on your next date by dropping your theatre card, music card or book club card. You won’t be stuck for conversation again with all your plastic cards on your hobbies to fall on to the table. Oh and you’re proud of the college you went to but you don’t want to brag - just slip the plastic card for former members out.

The plastic card can easily be made to advertise your design, colors and logo spelling out your brand.

Many exclusive stores, gyms and spas now have plastic cards with colors and designs, which give a flavor of their exclusivity. The plastic card advertises to your friends, the shops and centers you frequent because you’re someone of style – of a certain brand.

Plastic cards can even be a way of letting people know your past exploits, plastic cards notifying of holidays you’ve been on or even of future holiday plans such as a cruise in 2013.


Mind you in some cases people want easy access to handy cards that they use often but don’t necessarily want to display to others. They want to reach they easily and discretely and replaced them in the same way. It maybe those that highlight your age! But the texture of the plastic card lends itself to being easily hidden but accessible.


One of the biggest advantages is that they are almost indestructible. They can’t be crumpled, as they are not easily damaged. Their plastic coating protects them from the rigors of normal everyday life.

They survive, being thrown into the bottom of a handbag, battered under heavy shopping or being dumped into briefcases along with leaking water bottles or ink from pens. And they stay dry if coffee is spilt over them.

They can be wiped clean if greasy make-up or smudged ink from pens accidentally covers their wise words, which at a later date the holder realizes they need urgently.

They can even be the key to many tricky situations both literally and metaphorically. Plastic cards can be adapted to be hotel room keys and they can hold the key to your business success.


At a time when we’re all looking to reduce waste what better product that one made from plastic which can be recycled. Plastic cards won’t add to our carbon footprint, as they can be recycled.

Size Matters

The plastic card can be bespoke to the size you want. Do you want your customer to be able to fit it smoothly and tightly into their wallet or purse? Or do you want to make a statement with their petite size – the smaller card can easily be fitted into the pocket of a hoodie or best coat without distorting or bulging the pockets.



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We got the cards and they're beautiful. Looking forward to ordering again. Thanks!
Dave Chesser
Formosa Fitness
HePing E. Rd. Taipei 106
Thanks the cards arrived today, love them.
Shawna Kaminski
Calgary, AB, Canada
Just wanted to say thank you for doing such a great job. The cards arrived on time, and look very, very good, I've had nothing but praise for them from every single person I've given one to. The registration is excellent and the quality and durability are xtremely good.
Liam Higgins Saunders
Higgins Cartoons
Cumbria CA,UK
Bookmarks arrived as promised, thank you. We have a Very Happy client. Thanks again for keeping in touch throughout the job.
Deb Viola
Healdsburg, CA,USA
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